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Thread: Shipping Fics Plot Bunny Dump

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    Default Shipping Fics Plot Bunny Dump

    I got the idea for this from Bulbagarden. Any ideas you have for a shipping fic, pairings, plots, etc., go here.

    The main purpose of this thread is to help struggling shipping writers come up with ideas. Yes, I know this is why we have a request thread, but with a request, you have to come up with the pairing and the plot. The idea here is that if you want to see a particular plot but have no idea what characters to use, you can post your idea here, and hopefully, someone will either take your idea or supply characters that would fit your idea perfectly.

    Basically, almost anything goes. Just remember these ground rules:

    -Follow any and all forum rules.
    -Any and all ideas posted here are available for any and all authors to use. Once you post something, it's fair game to everyone.
    -I will make a new thread for every 50 pages, so as to avoid any unnecessary clutter.
    -Specify which fandom(s) your ideas are for. That makes it easier so people know whether you mean Shinji from Pokemon or Shinji from Bleach, for example.

    Feel free to PM any rules you think there should be, but aren't.

    So with that in mind, fire away!
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    As of now, my focus is on Safaris with starters (barring Wartortle and Quilladin), but give me your Safari anyway. Chances are I'll find something interesting.

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    Wouldnt it be a good idea to have some kind of profile that the writer of the plot could use? It would help for users to acknowledge whether the user wants characters for thier plot, wants someone else to use it or other reasons for posting it. I was thinking something along the lines of:

    What you want done with the plot:

    The plot:

    Taken by: (Only use this if its a plot that the user wants someone else to use once someone has taken it)

    Its only an idea though, you dont have to use it nor does anyone posting in the thread have to fill it out, its only a suggestion to the original poster

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