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    Default You and Only You (IronwillShipping, R)

    'You and Only You' can also be found on FFN and my fanfiction journal on LJ.

    Shipping(s): IronwillShipping (Riley x Dawn); there is also one-sided SteelFedora (Riley x Steven) and Girlpower (Dawn x Cynthia)
    A/N: This is a GAME-VERSE fic, not anime-verse. Dawn is also in her mid-teens, while Riley is in his early twenties.
    Word Count: 4.5k+
    Summary: Losers in love, with crushes on Pokemon Champions. Dawn turned her head and planted a kiss on Riley's chest. "One problem...I have a crush on a Champion. You have one on a roaming trainer who's in love with rocks."

        Spoiler:- First Half:
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