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    One of the best battles ever. Only Ash vs. Chuck (because I love Bayleef, who single-handily defeated Chuck) and Ash vs. Clair (my favourite battle ever) can top this almost perfect battle.

    However, this episode hurted my Bayleef-loving heart. I feel like Bayleef should've defeated at least one of Garys Pokemon. When I first saw this episode, the 3th generation did not exist (Milotic, my favourite Pokemon also didn't). Back then, Bayleef was my favourite.

    This was the first time Bayleef was defeated after its evolution. If it loses for the first time, it should at least stand a chance or do something of importance (like against Harrison, it got beaten by Blaziken, but defeated Houndoom and did very well). This humilliation of Bayleef really hurted me and made me crying. But most of you will think that is stupid.

    Aside from me being childish and stupid, great battle! Also nice to see Pikachu not battling, I think Ash treats Pikachu better than its other Pokemon, which is very unfair. Because of that, it was nice to see Pikachu not battling. Also, I have the feeling Gary deserved to win. And Garys Umbreon should've been used.
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