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Thread: Johto Photo Finish! (274)

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    Charizard vs. Blaziken was very good, but my biggest gripe with it is I always felt Charizard should have won this battle, so I wouldn't consider it a bad league loss, just annoyingly a plot device for Ash to travel in Hoenn instead of the writers ending his saga on a good note. As for the rest of the episode, it seemed rushed compared to Kanto's "Friends to the End", but Ash and Gary's rivalry having full closure was nice I suppose.


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    Epic battle between Lizardon and Bursyam although I expected Satoshi to win and move on to the next round. It was a great chance to see him winning a league and become a Pokémon master so his story can come to a close. I am surprised that Kojiro did not go mad when the rocket used the bottle caps attacking the group.

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    Well done to Harison, he is a deserving winner but I wish ash could have done it!

    Bye bye to Oak and Mom again, aww

    Poor Harrison not making it through though afterwards

    It was my first time seeing Prof Birch and he seems really cool, I like his methodology!

    It is nice how they led into the Hoenn region!

    The Misdreavous were cute and it was nice to see everyone working together!

    OMG, Gary has become a researcher, I never saw that one coming wow.

    This episode is full of twists and turns!

    Well done to John Dixon, he looked cute also!

    Where is the town he is from though?

    TR were funny at the end!

    TR were so epic, I am glad they are back!

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