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Gotta Catch Ya Later!

Heading to Pallet Town, Ash splits up with Misty, who needs to go take over the Cerulean Gym, and Brock, who has some things to do. Ash gets back to Pallet town and decides to head to Hoenn, where Harrison is from, as his next destination.

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This is my favorite johtno one I love the song at the end....

Funny, how that's such a hard thing to say
Now it's time to let go but never though I'd feel this way
Promise not to cry be sad but we both knew I was lying
Gotta fight back the tears cause I can't let you see me crying
You're more than just my best friend
What make my misty most of all
In our final curtin call
Is knowing that I won't see your face again.

Leaving is always so hard
Now it's time to go, I can't believe my feelings
I promised that I won't cry, even though I knew I will
I hide my tears so you can't see how much this hurts
You're more than my friend
But maybe the worst thing is
when I realized that
I won't see you anymore

Yeah this is my favorite Master quest, eopide.