Episode itself was pretty subpar. We had Ash heading alone toward Hoenn leaving all pokemon behind and taking Pikachu with him. Only intriguing thing was TR and battle between Arbok and Weezing. I certainly didnt welcomed another overused scenario of good guys being paired up with TR having to overcome their differences and work together. Perhaps it would be more enjoyable if humans got paired(reason why i liked "Forrest Grumps") but seeing Pikachu and Meowth going on solo mini-adventure wasnt something to write home bout,although Hinter was fun and i guess TR magnet provoded half-decent reason behind Pikachu usual regress in strength at start of new region.

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That's because some people only watched the show for Misty. If that's why they watched, then they clearly had no idea what the anime was about.

I actually wish there were more episodes at the end of Johto with Ash traveling alone for a while, like maybe 5 episodes of just training at Pallet or something before he headed off to Hoenn.
Maybe some,but majority of people which disliked when Misty left at end of Johto didnt watched this show only for this character with several not being even her fans. Reason was more because of original group itself being disbanded which was extremely popular among people finding they had great chemistry and dynamic together. When Misty was taken out they found how cast lost important member which brought humor, tension and balance with anime losing certain charm she brought and identity, which none of other females brought.

There is a reason why out of all existing groups in pokemon, biggest demand exists for original trio reunion. Out of all replaced girls biggest demand is for original girl return too,which explains many things.