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Are those wrong claims really nessecary? Many people want Brock back, that means his departure wasn't well received.
Pretty much true, from what i noticed going by online fanbase on various sites it seems how biggest demand is for Brock and Misty return which just shows how popular and well liked they are. Of course other characters are popular too,but it seems original trio left bigger impact on fans in general.

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A small group of people VS. millions who watch the anime. Seeing random comments on forums doesn't represent the millions who watch the show.
True, so why are you using forums as indication of what was general consensus in fandom when Hoenn aired?

Anyway for episode itself, i thought concept of Ash being showed traveling alone is something refreshing and good for a change. However problem is that most episodes in which Ash was alone were rather dull,not being known for some notable character interaction or comedy. After all for conversation at least two people are needed, being probably reason why we never saw Ash traveling alone for more than one episode at max.