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    I wasn't actually focused on May at all this episode. I was far more worried about Ash rushing Pikachu to Professor Birch's lab because it was very unhealthy due to TRio's magnet in the prior episode. So yeah, May is...kind of a ditzy brat when we first meet her in the anime. She's pretty hot for a 10 year old girl, but I can't say she left a good first impression on me when I first saw this episode. However, I did like her adventurous spirit about traveling. She was also pretty hilarious when trying to rescue Professor Birch using a Mudkip.

    Veronica Taylor took over the role in the English dub, and I was very pleased with that. I was expecting yet another Lisa Ortiz (how I absolutely loathe her voices in this show: as much as I like her in Slayers, "UGH" is the best way to describe her in the Pokemon anime) role here. She starts off a bit shaky, but granted, she starts getting more comfortable in the role as she gets more familiar with it (the same can be said of her successor in the dub, Michele Knotz).

    This was a good episode for Ash. A really sweet one, actually. Call me selfish but at this time his issue was really dire and you couldn't help but feel sad for him and Pikachu. That's why I liked this episode so much: it was a great way to kick off AG on a high note in his case. I also liked Professor Birch and enjoyed Dan Green voicing him greatly. The only regret I have about AG is that it dropped Misty and started certain character replacement, as opposed to merely retiring all older characters at the end of Johto.

    Re-watching this episode also makes me miss Veronica Taylor as Ash and May, Eric Stuart as James, Rachael Lillis as Jessie, and Maddie B. as Meowth. Good times...good times.

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    New music, new girl on a bike, what's all that about?

    It was funny when she crashed though and said that she should have with a helmet.

    Wow, the theme is so nostalgic, I haven't seen that in a while. It reminds me of when I used to wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch it with my sister.

    There was some nice character development from jessie when the ship was pulling up.

    Prof Birch is so cool and I am loving seeing all of these new Pokemon everywhere!

    Not Ash destroying another bike though, well it was Pikachu this time haha

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    I liked how Birch told May to help him the way you do in the games.
    Whenever a new girl has a bike, I think we all know what the fate of said bike will be...

    Kind of disturbing how they said Pikachu could explode if it can't get rid of all that excess energy.

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    I screamed when that Duskull randomly showed up and spooked May; I'd have had the same reaction as she did. I loved how fast Professor Birch drove in this episode, but the whole "Pikachu is sick" drama bored me to death tbh. I at least cackled when Professor Birch landed on Poochyena and when Mudkip blasted May with Water Gun. It was funny.

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    One of the best first episodes in the series, May is instantly likeable, and Ash essentially being at his seakest point yet makes the "pikachu is sick" more bearable, since Ash is dead meat without him.

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    For this ep, seeing May being freaked out by Duskull was one of the scariest parts of the ep and with the idea of Pikachu having too much stored electricity kept it going and put in the real tension. I also remember Professor Birch's Mudkip using Water Gun on May, which was really funny and eventually picked Torchic in this ep. Also remembered the Team Rocket mecha removing electricity from Pikachu, curing the overload and Pikachu frying May's bike using Thunderbolt, like the happening with Misty in the first episode in the entire Pokemon anime.

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