Over all point of view:
1: music - I cried, yes, Giovanni cried, got a problom with that? the music when the battle happened brought tears to my eyes to the point where I had to hold Nissae's hand for about 2 hours to get that song out of my head. I recognize it from Mewtwo Strikes Back or The Power of One, definately one of the movies.
2: Arbok and Wheezing - Team rocket's best pokemon, they have been together for over 250 episodes, I grew up with hearing them try to get angry only for arbok to give a febal "Char, bok..." and wheezing to give a tired and defeated "Zing...", but they were at least cool, not that I don't like Seviper.
3: Curse you Cacnea - It was funnier with Victrybell.
and 4: Ash, get your cursing facts strate! - Ash: "With bad guys like team rocket around it's nice to know that there are some good people in the world." so, is it so terrible to let your pokemon go to save a bunch of others? Arrest me if it is, because I am cursing guilty, I had to let my loving Misdrevus go, but it did come back to me. I'd let my persion go to save pokemon, yes, giovanni has feelings I do.

Over all, it was a good episode, I really liked it, and why are they using music from Pikachu's vacation?