Very excellent and touching episode focusing on TR and their original Pokemon and on TR themselves, i'm glad Ash and Company got so little air time. It's sad to see Arbok & Weezing gone they've been with us since episode 31 "Dig those Diglett" of the Indigo League series, that's most of the Indigo series and the entire Orange & Johto arcs of the series that's incredible only Meowth & Pikachu hold the records for being in the series longer. Jessie & James really stood out in this episode it's nice seeing them do some good every once in awhile it makes up for all those times they try and catch Pikachu. It's nice to see James pick up a new Pokemon right at the end of the series, also got a Kick out of May's reaction to the many Joy's and Jenny's also liked her reaction o Brock going gaga over Jenny & Joy.

Lastly I got to point out the fact that 4kids actually left a gun in this episode when in one of the Indigo episodes they don't even show an episode because it has a gun points at Ashes head, and yet just 2 episodes back we still get rice balls being called sandwiches really 4kids you can't be consistent if your going to leave a gun in then you could at least release the Indigo episode with guns in it.