A Tail with a Twist

Fun little character-building episode starring Treecko. We got some info on his personality and how he's the type to not take losing too well. Liked the little training scene with him and how he protected Torchic from Seviper. Shame all of Seviper's badassness went out the window the minute Jessie caught it, though I liked hearing the Japanese AG opening in instrumental version during the battle since that's always been one of my favorite pieces of BGM. It was of course nice to see Jessie get her second serpent Pokemon, shame it got spanked easily by Treecko though. The group Pokemon interaction scene was nice, still can't believe how few Pokemon they actually have with them right now. Kinda sucked Torchic didn't Ember Seviper to the face when cornered but it was probably too scared to try that. Though it was weird Seviper didn't try to eat Torchic, it is a chick after all but this is Pokemon and that can't happen. It just feels awkward seeing a viper going around eating fruit. :P