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Thread: How do you make short cuts, to your chapters only?

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    Default How do you make short cuts, to your chapters only?

    I notice, in some threads/posts, is that. People makes links, towards their indicating chapters. By viewing them, as a signle post.

    So, I'm curious of how to do that? Consisdering, I want it, to be easier for people, to read my chapters. Since there's over 14 Chapters, I want to be able, to link to those chapters, like a signle post. In stead, of them scrolling forever to find the chapter their looking for XD

    Umm yeah : ) How do I make, links like that.

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    hey! I will attempt to give you an explanation.

    1.Click on the post number on the upper right hand corner of the post. (Near the report button.)
    2.Copy the link

    Do you need to know more? If so, VM/PM me, we'll work it out.

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    Nope, got it working ^_^ Thanks for the help : D. Definitly, make it easier, for readers, to go to the chapters. lol

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