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    Name: BlueMew7, NKT, (Ethan)

    Age (optional): 15

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Action, Adventure, Romance, Horror, Tragedy, and sometimes, all of those are mixed in together! It's a wild ride!

    Strong Areas: I've done a lot of RP stuff on another php forum. So it's a little different from writing a story, because you are only writing about one character with an RP. Anyways, I guess my strong areas would be making quick developments of original ideas. I guess you could say I'm good at characterization. My characters sometime seem cliche on the outside, but their development gets deeper and deeper throughout my stories.

    Weak Areas: Since I am also a reviewer, I feel hypocritical when I say that grammer is one of my weak areas because I critique other people about their grammer. Another one of my weak areas would be writing extremely long paragraphs and being too indepth (there's a big story as to why I am so indepth). Another one of my weak points would be repeating myself. However, it is usually stuff like, "Bob said", except it does that a lot instead of something like, "He said" if that makes sense at all.

    Type Of Characters: Humerous, serious, emotional, optimistic, love-sick, bold, and knowledgable characters most of the time. The antagonist is usually a single person, a single pokemon, or a symbolic antagonist. The assumed antagonist is usually not the antagonist. The real antagonist is usually the one that is controlling or is the leader, creator, etc. of the assumed antagonist.

    Current Stories: Towards the End(and Love) [PG-13]

    Blue= Written, but not released Lime= Released Red= Not Yet Written Yellow=In the proccess of being written

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7-30(?)

    Future Stories:
    • Release Me My Own Curse [R] or [PG-13] (Naruto Based Story)
    • Two Tribes in Strife (Pokemon Based Story)
    • Spirit of Seperation(and Hate) [PG-13] (Pokemon Based Story) {Sequel to, "Towards the End(and Love)"}
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