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    Name: Torpoleon, Torp

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Adventure-based stories.

    Strong Areas: Imagination. I have a bunch of good ideas popping into my head for future fics. I also seem to be getting pretty good with backstories for the characters. Some people on SPPf say that I have pretty good grammar and use some sophisticated words which is good for writing.

    Weak Areas: I don't think I am the greatest at description, but I feel that if I try hard enough, I can do good.

    Type Of Characters: I try to have unique characters.

    Current Stories: N/A

    Future Stories:

    1. Zach and Caroline's Sinnoh Adventure- Slated for Release: January/February 2011
    Zach and Caroline begin their Pokémon Journey in their home region, Sinnoh. They meet lots of friends and make some rivals. Also, they put a permanent end to a villianous team.

    2. Zach & Carol's Hoenn Adventure- Slated for Release: After the above
    Zach adventures alone into the Hoenn Region, but soon meets the lovely 12 Year Old Carol, aiming to be a Top Co Ordinater. They travel together, meeting some new and old people with Zach still having his same goal in mind. They also put a permanent end to two villianous teams.

    3. Caroline & Jack's Kanto Adventure- Slated for Release: After the above
    Caroline adventures into the Kanto Region alone, but is soon accompanied by Jack, a 16 Year Old Boy, aiming to be a Pokemon Master. They travel together, only meeting either Jack's friends or new people. They almost end a villianous team that moves to another region.

    4. Jack & Carol's Johto Adventure- Slated for Release: After the above
    Jack & Carol meet merely by fate in the Johto Region and journey together in this region to meet their goals. They work on their goals and end the villianous team from Kanto.

    5. V Project- Slated for Release: After the above
    Top Secret! I wont say anything about it yet!

    6. Brothers Clash!- Slated for Release: After the above
    A one-shot where Zach battles his long-lost brother, Matt. Matt is being controlled by an evil being. He hints to Zach that he is being controlled by someone whose name rhymes with Bamboo. The battle is heated and it feels like the whole world blows up!

    7. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Return of Tabuu- Slated for release: After the above
    After Tabuu gets healed by his brother, he is back with vengeance! Many new and old faces appears in the end, this will be an all-out war! Who will win, the Smash Fighters or the Subspace Fighters?

    Writing Tips: If someone says that you are bad at writing, or is not too nice to you, keep on going. It happened to me, and I stopped, but decided one day to continue going! Don't stop just because of one, or a few people! Everyone has good writing somewhere deep inside of them. Even if everyone on SPPf says that you are horrible, that does not mean that you are always going to be horrible as long as you put in the time. I'm sure now-famous writers weren't so good starting out!
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