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Thread: Author's Profile V.3

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    Name: Maruiqi

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: Anything really. I can't do very specific genre writing since my stories seem to skip all over the place. Humour, angst, horror, it's all in there. Maybe not as much sci-fi as other things.

    Strong Areas: Characters, definitely. Developing them and writing them. My plots tend to be pretty unique too, which is good or bad depending on your viewpoint.

    Type Of Characters: Any type, but particularly evil or unreasonable people. They can be so much fun. The more flawed a character is, the more interesting they are to write.

    Current Stories: Shattered Phoenix - a multi-part OT project I'm writing mostly to show that there is still more to play with in this genre. Also because the plotbunnies for it won't let go. Only the prologue is up so far.

    Future Stories: I have some Naruto and FMA fic that I'm thinking of posting and I'm also considering doing some pokemon-centric oneshots or something based around the gym leaders because mmm sets of things. My original idea was a story for each of the pokedex entries but I've just realised that someone got there first. Might still try it though because God that would be so much fun. Just a little drabble for each pokemon of the whole National Dex. I could probably manage that in time.

    Also, the eeveelutions are a set of things, so something with them would be interesting. Or the legendaries? I don't know. I just like sets (woo OCD).

    Writing Tips: Said is a very good word so don't try to replace it with fancy things for no good reason. Give your characters flaws. Vary your sentence types and paragraph lengths according to what fits the tone of the scene. Read through everything you write at least once. Treat constructive criticism like liquid gold. Love writing.

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    Name: Beth (GlaceonLover1), Rosie
    Age: 12 (nearly)

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: Adventure

    Strong Areas: Personally I have No Idea

    Type Of Characters: Popular Hero's

    Current Stories: Pokemon Platinum- The Story Of Rosalinda Bells, It's about Rosalinda Bells, daughter of a former gym leader, who decides that she wants to become a trainer.

    Future Stories: Possibly a Mystery Dungeon One, A HG/SS one.
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    Name: Sinnohdragon/SD/Dragon

    Age (optional): 17

    Gender (optional): Female

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy and Adventure. I've done a few animal POVs but not on Serebii, and i come up with a lot of dragon based story concepts.

    Strong Areas: Definately discription. I can go on for ages, i'm good with words.

    Type Of Characters: I can do evil quite well, but mostly i'm best at people like myself or people who i know well. I base a lot of my characters on my friends.

    Current Stories: Card Tamer: Legend of the Lakes (AKA Card Tamer: The Prequel) is currently in the re-making.

    Future Stories: I have plotlines for about 7 Card Tamer stories to follow on from LotL. Lot's of new characters and lot's of fun stuff

    Writing Tips (Optional): Don't push yourself too hard. Writing under pressure from yourself or others ruins a good story so go at your own pace even if it means year long breaks. I had writer's block for a year before i started writng again.
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    Updated my author profile...
    Writing what the Pokémon canon lacks since 2010!

    THE SUOCÉVERSE -- Introduction (WIP) -- Official Wiki

    Serebii-Published Writing
    Sixth :: Playfield
    Built for Risk - 3rd place Interpretations 2013
    Silly human, romance is for Nidoran~ - 2nd Best Comedy, 3rd Best Pokémon Centric 2015
    Overlord - 5th place Criminal Intent 2015; 3rd Best Non-Human MC, 2nd Best Pokémon One-Shot 2015

    » Serebii Catalog ÷ FF catalog «

    Coming Up
    Counterparts in Crime -- Interim -- Built for Risk [complete] -- Scalar 2.0 -- Codename: Cardinal -- untitled hyperfiction

    Can help with: character development
    Can't help with: getting rich fast™ schemes.

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    Name: SilentMemento (call me Memo).

    Age: Nineteen years of age.

    Gender: Male.

    Types of Writing: I love to write noir and dark fanfictions. If my fics can get into your head and give you nightmares, I'm doing my job right. Mature themes are also fun to write about.

    Strong Areas: I'm a specialist when it comes to giving characters flaws, but that's the only thing I'll brag about. I'll let you all decide what my strengths and weaknesses are.

    Types of Characters: Psychopaths are easily my favorite characters to write about. Their morals are nonexistent, they are willing to go outside of the law to get what they want, they're usually tormented souls that have a past, and they don't give a damn if they die or not. That is a seriously fun character to write about.

    Current Stories: I have none on Serebii, but I have seven on Unfortunately, due to my style of writing, one of them will never be posted on this site. Ever.

    Future Stories: Well, I have a lot of ideas, but due to my writing style, some will likely never be posted on Serebii. Here are the stories I'm currently working on:

    Revenant - Two-hundred years into the future, overpopulation has forced humans and Pokemon alike into space via colony ships. One of those ships sends out a distress signal before all communication is cut off. A nineteen-year-old military space engineer and his two Pokemon are sent out to investigate, but the thing that caused the distress signal is now trying to send three more unfortunates into the everlasting embrace of complete insanity.

    Deceit - After an honest attempt to become a champion goes horribly awry, an embittered trainer-turned-con-artist must use every bit of deception that he possesses in order to get a Pokemon and - just maybe - a bit of redemption as well. An Isshu region journey fic.

    Writing Tips: Love thy characters with all thy heart, even the evil little psychopaths that you just want to strangle with your bare hands. Give 'em a hug or something.

    Seriously, though; you have to take good care of your characters. Give them flaws that they have to overcome. Don't turn them into Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus. ...That's pretty much all the advice I have to offer. Characters can make or break a fic, and great characters always make a good story great.
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    Name: Mudkipz_Lover, but you can call me Mudkipz.

    Gender: Girl

    Types Of Writing: I like to write fantasy, as you can write anything in them (if writing on the forum, as long as you follow the rules).

    Strong Areas: I can come up with what will happen and characters names easily.

    Type Of Characters: I like to write about people who are funny and slightly stupid too.

    Current Stories: None yet really.

    Future Stories: Still need to come up with some ideas.
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    Name: spareux.

    Types Of Writing: I love a great big clusterfuck with a bit of everything in it. Leaving any stones unturned, afterall, just wastes potential, though I do not believe in simply throwing something into a text for the sheer sake of it.

    Strong Areas: I'm charming and fabulous and I know my characters and what's going on inside out, but at the same time I'm an objective and cold blooded executioner who doesn't take sides and I'll do what needs to be done. Taking "sides" and favouring characters over others just doesn't make for realism and blinds the beauty of life's brutal randomness.

    Type Of Characters: The insane collective. There is absolutely no point on writing about an everyday person: if they are an everyday person, throw them into a situation that requires them to be extraordinary. Characters are the heart and soul of a novel. Additionally, Pokemon must play a very important part to - they are not robots, they are living, breathing creatures. Characters can go on any marvellous tangent you want - so I believe in making the most of them. Pass Go, Collect Ł200.

    Current Stories & Future Stories: creed
    Currently I have just posted the prelude. This is an upcoming piece that will be arriving on the forums sooner rather than later.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Never settle for "good". Be brilliant - no - be the best in absolutely everything you do. Strive for greatness and don't even think about calling something finished until every inch of creative juice is raped out of you and splattered across the faces of your characters, the land and buildings of your setting - down to every last word, be brilliant.

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    Name: Mr Dragon

    Types Of Writing: Comedy, horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and - pretty much anything, I'll write any idea that comes into my head, why not?
    I also write plays, which tend to be comedy.

    Strong Areas: Plot, characterization and I don't know if this counts but I have a unique writing style.

    Current stories: The Book Of The World (On Hiatus)

    This story is set 50 years after the games and anime.
    25 years ago there was a scandal, at the Pokemon national championships which resulted in the Pokemon league having to shut down.
    Meanwhile there are two American brothers living in Japan, who find a book and when they open it they find themselves in a world they would never dream of...

    A few mini, random stories

    Random Stories

    Future Stories:

    How We won (Title in works)

    A Champion looks back on his Journey

    Writing Tips: After you have finished writing, wait a while and forget entirely what you have written, then read your work, If it was a comedy, you should find it funny, If it is a horror you should be scared, because if you aren't, well what makes you think anybody else would.
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    Name: Cyberhamon, Forrest

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Tough to say, my current fic is kind of blurring the lines between genres. However, I consider myself to be most skilled with the Mystery and Suspense/Thriller genres.

    Strong Areas: My strongest areas are plot development and character development, as the two really go together in my story. I'm also pretty good with descriptions and dialogue.

    Type Of Characters: I have very specific character types that I write in. In my opinion the best heroes are the ones with significant flaws, such as Byronic heroes and anti-heroes. For villains, I like to make ones that are sympathetic, by having a tragic backstory, etc. Basically, I like characters who are morally grey.

    Current Stories:

    Web of Deception

    How many of the choices we make are actually choices? Are we all just pawns in the games of others? A small group of Pokemon must struggle to survive after they uncover a conspiracy that could threaten the world itself. Rated PG-15 for violence, language, and small amounts of gore.

    Web of Deception is heavily plot-based and character-driven (think Lost). It breaks a lot of genre conventions, but it's primarily a Mystery/Suspense story. One thing you should note is that I have planned out the entire fic in advance. Read it if you're in the mood for mind-bending mysteries and interesting and dynamic characters.

    Future Stories: None at the moment.

    Writing Tips

    - Listen to your reviewers. Often, it's easy to get caught up in your vision of the story, and ignore the flaws with it that need correcting. When reviewers give you advice, they're doing it to help make your story better. You don't have to take all of their advice, but you should at least consider it.

    - Don't try to write a perfect fic. It's impossible, no matter how good of a writer you are. Do the best job you can do, and do a job that leaves you happy/satisfied.

    - Be original. There's a million "trainer journeys around the region to become a master" stories out there already. Try to distinguish yourself. Come up with an original concept. Or, if you really want to do an OT fic, do it in a unique way.

    - Write based on a premise you are interested in. Don't give in to peer pressure. If you are interested in the story you're writing, it's going to turn out better.

    - Have some idea where the plot's going. You don't have to plan out every scene of every chapter months in advance, like I did, but you should always have some kind of goal in mind that you can work towards.

    - Please, for the love of God, PROOFREAD! People aren't going to read stories with zillions of spelling and grammar mistakes. It's okay to make an occasional slip-up; that kind of thing is gonna happen. But if every other word in your story is spelled wrong, you're not gonna get many fans.

    - Characterization is one of the most important elements of writing. If you have a cast of interesting characters, people are more likely to keep reading. Make characters they can identify with and/or characters with flaws/quirks. That always makes for better reading. Write characters you can identify with. And push them to their limits. Torture them (metaphorically speaking...or literally, I suppose, if you're someone like me who's into that stuff). Having your characters struggle makes your story seem more realistic. That's a good thing.

    - Write for yourself, not for others. Pleasing your fans is good, but pleasing yourself is paramount.

    - No crack pairings. Please do not ship anything disturbing, like Misty/Piloswine. I'd prefer not to have to get a lobotomy just because I read some fanfiction.


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    Name: ESPNfanatic35

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: I mostly love writing Action/Adventure stories. Describing fight scenes is fun for me as a writer. I also enjoy writing Comedy.

    Strong Areas: My strongest area is visual description. I am good at painting a mental picture for someone when it comes to a character, a setting, or a scene (ex. A Grand Festival performance.) I am also good at developing a relevant plot that keeps the reader intrigued.

    Type Of Characters: I don't have a preference. I enjoy making all different kinds of characters. In one of my fics, my antagonist is sly, quiet, and mysterious. In my other fic, he is a loud, blatant jerk. As for the protagonist, I like having a hero in a story who is humble and reserved. The kind of person one wouldn't expect to be a hero.

    Current Stories:

    Pokemon: Battle of Battles

    This is a canon-based story about Ash and the gang. Ash finally battles the Elite Four and Dawn competes in the Grand Festival. There is an uprising of villians, hoever, and an unlikely alliance that give Ash a greater challenge than the Elite Four can give him.

    Pokemon League Baseball

    This is a comedy about an ex-baseball star trying to coach a baseball team just for Pokemon. The coach has had a tough life and is constantly moping about it. This affects his team and his life. His niece and her Pokemon friend visit and try to help him turn things around.

    Future Stories: None at the moment.

    Writing Tips: Proofread everything and make sure the content of the story makes sense with the plot and the personality of the characters. I would also say that writing based on personal experience is always a good thing because the situations in the story will be easier to write about and you can describe them better (since it is something you have experienced for yourself.)

    New Chapter: Chapter 4- Unova

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Creature of Storms
    Also check out my completed crossover of Pokemon and Pirates by clicking the title!

    "Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God."
    Ephesians 6:17

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    Name: TheSequelReturns, but TSR or Sequel work too.

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: I like to write fantasy and horror (although I'm talking about a horror with a focus mostly on suspense rather than gore, in fact, I very rarely use gratuitous violence at all). I'm also starting to get into science fiction.

    Strong Areas: I'm good at coming up with ideas for characters and plots. I'm also pretty good at description and setting a certain mood. Conversely, dialog can be a bit tricky for me, and I tend to rush my character development.

    Type Of Characters: I tend to focus on a group of characters rather than have a single protagonist. Most of my stories have three or more main characters, each one with differing, and often conflicting personalities. There are a few types that I tend to use a lot though.

    Current Stories:

    Vision (Chapter one is up!) - The story of seven pokemon-human hybrids on the run from a reformed Team Galactic with a slightly different plan for control.

    Future Stories:

    *Insert Title Here* (Currently re-writing) - My first attempt at comedy, this little piece of insanity is a totally nonsensical Douglas Adams style near-satire of the video games and all their glitches. Staring a normal guy who can't battle his way out of a paper bag, a talking Bidoof who claims to be royalty, a certain boy who's obsessed with shorts, and the Copycat Girl.

    Writing Tips: Make sure you wait a bit before proofreading your work. If you proofread right after writing, you may skip right over any errors, especially spelling errors. Also, while its important to keep your characters in-character and realistic, its also important to have fun with them. If your characters never change, then no matter how interesting they are they won't hold the readers attention.
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    Name: Little Wishling, or just my everyday name Rin.

    Gender: Female

    Types of writing: Fantasy and satire.

    Type of Characters: I usually like one or two strong main characters rather than a whole slew of them. There isn't a personality trait that I prefer above others, since I like to play around with all of them.

    Strong Areas: I am good with character development and description, if I do say so myself. I am also very good at avoiding Mary sues and purple prose (I think).

    Future stories:
    EDIT: My first planned story sort of fell away, but fortunately there was a new story bumping gently but insistently in my head soon after.

    Most of Iridescence is mapped out already, and all I have to do is type it out. It's a journey fic based off the Emerald game with a few (okay, well maybe a lot) of changes here and there to make it more interesting. The central theme is greed vs gratitude, which is a very fitting theme.

    Writing Tips: Read aloud what you wrote. Sometimes words are grammatically correct in a sentence, but just doesn't sound right.
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    Wow, I haven't actually posted anything of my up-coming fan fiction yet but anyway, may as well do one of these as i have done a bit of writing here so far:

    Name: Zorg, Or my real name, Aaron.

    Age (optional): 14

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy and Action. Like Fire Emblem styles

    Strong Areas: Coming up with ideas and creativity. Weak areas are my descriptions.

    Type Of Characters: The ones I don't have to describe much, like a mysterious character

    Future Stories: I am currently about to release the prologue of a Pokemon fan fiction in a new region and with some twists to the gym leaders and stuff.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Umm... im kinda a newb at writing so i don't really have any. But still, have fun!

    That was fun

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    Name: Ruth, though I go by Kutie Pie (or KP).

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: I tend to write more on family, friendship, and romance. Comedy is more of a sub-genre and not so much as a genre on its own.

    Strong Areas: It's mainly description, though I do develop characters well enough they're enjoyable. Grammar and spelling, however, has to be my absolute strongest.

    Type Of Characters: I have more female characters than I do male. Tom-boyish characteristics are more of my style, but if not, then it's the weird, intelligent, out-of-place character. With poofy hair, I'm not sure why. Many of my characters are created from who I am, so most of the time they will have a disability. Asperger's Syndrome is the more common disability.

    Current Stories:

    Dying to be Free

    My first one-shot on this site; first-person point-of-view.

    The Time Has Come

    Song-fic, one-shot: Ash says good-bye to Pikachu one last time.

    The Gang Versus Stupidity (I do not recommend reading it ^_^;...for your sanity)

    One-shot: A failed attempt at comedy, was an English composition in middle school.

    The Battle for Friendship

    First chaptered fic; complete; being re-written: It was forbidden, but a human girl befriends an Outsider amidst a war between humans and Pokémon. Mia, a young Mew kitten, has to keep her a secret, or both would be killed for treason.

    Good-bye to You

    Song-fic one-shot; prequel to The Battle for Friendship; first-person point-of-view: A look into the past of Azalea.

    Emerald Eyes

    Poem: A reflecting memoir of Gatomon's close friend.

    I'm Sorry, My Love

    One-shot: Wizardmon's ghost returns to tell Gatomon his feelings before he departs.

    Love to a Digi-Friend

    Chaptered fic; work-in-progress; cancelled: Pre-DigiDestined. After Gatomon saves a lone Digimon named Wizardmon while in Myotismon's command, he risks his own life to hide her away from the tyranny she lives under.


    Song-fic one-shot; first-person point-of-view: Mewtwo wanted to learn everything. He existed. Ambertwo taught him everything. She was all in his head. Was she?

    Sweet Trickery

    One-shot: Michealangelo tries to get revenge on his brothers by ways of candy. Through puns.

    Finding the Golden Rule

    Chaptered fic; work-in-progress; hiatus/cancelled: Sequel to The Battle for Friendship. After twenty-five years of peace, Mia and her husband are captured. Their children are sent away to her closest friend, ending up in the hands of her daughters. Even though they can't stand each other, they travel across the lands of Kanto and Johto to find the kittens' parents and return them home. Unknown to them, the captives are having problems of their own.

    Future Stories: Forsaken

    Plot: The world has come to an end, and its protectors, the Legendaries, are punished by becoming mortal. To redeem themselves, they must replenish the earth. However, they're not as alone as they seem...

    Writing tips: If you feel tired, take a break. Even if you don't feel tired, take a break. Stretch, get something to eat, go outside, sleep, do something else other than write. Otherwise, you get so caught up in your own work, you start developing Writer's Block. If you wish to avoid it the longest you can, avoid over-working yourself. Write things out by hand if you must during the day, but stay off the computer for about a few hours until you're refreshed.
    Winner of Best Non-Pokémon Fic of 2016 in the Shipping Oscars
    Forsaken: Chapter 20 - 11/17/14 / Encryption: Chapter 9 - 11/26/17 / Handle with Care: Chapter 11 - 1/10/18

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    genre: adventure

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    Name: Bakuhatsu (Call me Baku)

    Age (optional): Imma put 17 since I'll be 17 soon

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Romance, Adventure, Suspence, Drama.

    Strong Areas: Plot, Relationship Dev, Cliffhangers

    Type Of Characters: Crazy Good-guy. I'd prefer to stay away from angsty stories, it drops my mood.

    Current Stories: Nothing on this website

    Future Stories: Heart Gold Soul Silver story maybe? Of course it'l be Gold/Lyra 'Heart Gold Shipping' I believe?

    Writing Tips (Optional): Be risque! Be creative! Go the extra mile! Do something no one has ever done EVER! Make your story yours and unique! You decide what happens in your story, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I'm not saying turn on deaf ears to fans, listen to them! Let them help, not control!
    FC: 4211 7453 2460
    YT Channel:

    If I'm online, I'm usually looking for a battle.

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    Name: Luphinid Silnaek, One, Offendi, Tya -- okay I'm not getting into all of those other names.

    Gender (optional): Male. Have I disclosed this in my profile? Maybe I should hide it.

    Types Of Writing: I say Fantasy because it's the closest to what I tend to write in: basically stories with a very low level of realism or technicality, that give very significant power to either a character's mind or the aesthetic themes. My writing needs room to stretch. It frequently knocks over delicate structures with its amazing dexterity.

    Strong Areas: Plot, I think. I have a very distinct sense of it, and I make sure the story serves it efficiently and without fuss. Recently my favourite moments working on a larger story have been the times when I wasn't writing at all, merely sketching out the larger details and backstory. This is a recent development though, and not all my fics may reflect it.

    Weak areas: Characters and their interaction. A good variety of living breathing minds, and dialogue between them. This I really can't do; even when I make my characters capable of sapient thought, and distinct in personality, they're still very ornate puppets. Their distinct personality is like the single fixed expression you paint on them. Their actions, as fluid as I make them, are bound to the strings around my hands. They certainly couldn't get up and show life of their own.

    Current Stories:

    All this in a shadow
    A knitting together of a number of stories, mythological and contemporary, centering around a basic idea: we were made for more than base matter.

    Future Stories: The Progression, a journeyfic that will, indeed, focus around training, journeying and challenging the Pokémon League. I intend to make this interesting. The one reason I really must write it, though, is that there's the slightest possibility that the two puppets I made for the main characters are showing life. I cannot let this go.

    Writing Tips:
    One. Do your homework. You must have heard this many times, but a good writer has to be a voracious reader. You have to read constantly, introspectively, and most importantly with joy. Furthermore you simply must have at least one guide to the mechanics of grammar in your house (it's not enough to have it reachable by internet), even if it's a few pages at the back of a good dictionary. The rules of grammar don't take length to lay down anyway. Listen to good writers (I recommend Stephen King's On Writing) and understand where they're trying to light up the truths about writing. Essentially, study the business of writing inside out.

    Two, this is more important. Believe nothing you hear. If books show a certain kind of structure your duty is to subvert it; if intelligent people say something is a big no-no you HAVE to look for a way to make it awesome. If your stories tell you to do something people say is totally sinful (not just shocking or immoral stuff, but actually against conceptions of good writing), humour it whenever possible. Even grammar can be bent a little, though not much, for your needs. People who make guides to English writing tend to be uptight around sentence structure and punctuation, especially the colon and comma. If your story faces you against a big blank wall, a universe and culture and physics that exists nowhere, that you have to create from scratch, steel yourself against the void and create it. You might come to find it liberating.

    These two bits of writing don't oppose each other. You have to know the basic structures before you start playing silly buggers with them (and this was always the entire point of writing, playing silly buggers with life).

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    Name: My username is Phantom Kat, but most of my online friends call me Kat. Some call me by my real name, Rocio.

    Age: 17

    Gender: Mujer

    Types Of Writing: My genres of writing are:

    There’s something about ghosts, myths, legends, and magic that interests me. With this genre, I feel I can really writing about things that are outside the box. There are infinite ways to make something interesting and believable. I feel that this genre really tests my creativity.

    Adventure/Action: I love action and adventure. There’s just something about battles and the sensation of looming danger that makes for a good read, I think. I like fast paced stories that just make you turn the page. Whenever I write these stories, I am eager to write more and more.

    Strong Areas: The areas which I’m good are description/detail. I also think my plots are quite out there and unconventional, which makes for interesting reads. My characters may not be the most original, but I feel that I can really write them in characters and make their troubles, thoughts, and troubles real through my writing.

    Weak Areas: Typos, typos, TYPOS! Damn it, I can never seem to catch them all.

    Type Of Characters: I love writing about a character who has a sarcastic quip to him (they are mostly males.) Whenever I write their dialogue or their thoughts, I find myself laughing and enjoying it. I guess it’s because I’m very sarcastic in real life, and having a character who is even more so is humorous and someone I would love to have a conversation with.

    For example, I adore Death in My Guardian Angel. He can be very serious, but when he’s around Mark Antony, the only being he sees as an equal, he becomes sarcastic.

    My main characters are mostly male, sometimes female. Most of the time, they are teenagers, though the two main characters of my current fan fiction are twenty-five and twenty-two, the oldest I’ve gone if memory serves right. They range from the shy and quiet to the sarcastic and unabashed. There is always going to be a serious character somewhere.

    Current Stories:

    My Guardian Angel

    Future Stories: I have quite a few ideas.

    Our Ballad of Desire (sequel to My Guardian Angel) (Action/Adventure/Journey/Romance?)

    I have quite a few pages of notes, and it’s about 80% planned out. When MGA nears completion, I’ll go back and finish planning. I don’t see that happening until at least the end of next year. Shame, I want to write it already.

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Prisoners of Heart and Soul (Action/Adventure)

    This is a “what would happen if the protagonists of PMD: Red and Blue meet up with the protagonists of PMD2: Time and Dakness?” I’ve never seen a fan fiction like this, so of course I had to plan one. Also, I’ve been wanting to do a PMD story for a long while. The plot to this is still in the skeleton stage. I really need to go back and develop this more. However, it seems to be going in a direction I don’t want, so I might have to scrap everything but the bare bones and brainstorm. {Possible NaNoWriMo candidate}

    Night Shade (Dark/Journey/Adventure/Romance?)

    I’ve always wanted to do a “go out and collect objects/artifacts on a journey that spans a region” type story. Inspired by the Poe Hunt Side Plot in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This idea has gone through a couple of changes. This story is meant to be darker than anything I’ve written, so it’ll be interesting to write. Due to the many “collecting objects” thing, it’s going to be long, and planning is a bit of a headache right now. {This is the most possible candidate for NaNoWriMo}

    Fainting Spell (Supernatural/Romance/Comedy?)

    A VERY loose idea I have. It involves magic, witches, and familiars. It was inspired by “Zero no Tsukaima” so what can I say? It won’t be made up of 50% fan service though. I might get around to expanding more of this later. Maybe.

    Writing Tips: Some things that might help someone out.

    1. Don’t let anybody tell you what Pokémon to use for anything. It’s your story so write about the Pokémon you think are interesting. When it comes to the grand scheme of things, the species of Pokémon are really not that important (in most cases.) Concentrate on refining plot, characters, grammar, and description instead.

    2. I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT have the only copy of your story plans/chapters/outlines/drafts on your computer or laptop. Laptops and computers are bound to contract a virus at one point or another, no matter how careful you are. Don’t think documents are not going to be lost. Have a backup on another computer and/or put all of your information in a pen drive. You will save yourself plenty of heartache. These are the things that cause an author to discontinue a story!

    - Kat
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    Name: Double-oh-Platypus, but people often shorten it to DOP or some other alteration. Really, I don't care what you call me but Phineas and Ferb references can get a little stale.

    Age (optional): 14

    Gender (optional): You'd be surprised how many people don't figure out I'm a girl, despite all my avatar's so far being female.

    Types Of Writing: Romance or friendship, really. I'd like to say humor as well, but I find that I'm not terribly good at it. Oh, and adventures. I'm decent at writing for adventures.

    Strong Areas: I'm definitely a writer who loves to describe. I'm proud to say that my stories will often have blocks of text describing things and while it may not be in intricate detail, I feel that I write enough for people to get the idea of the character but able to add a bit of their own creativity to it as well.

    And grammar and spelling and punctuation. I'm big on that kind of stuff (nerdy, yeah, I know). There's always going to be one story out there that will have gone through the Double-oh-Platypus inspection for errors.

    Type Of Characters: Unfortunately, I believe that a lot of my characters are two dimensional. While I can create a fabulous character with a great personality and history for a RP, I may not execute certain aspects of the character in the roleplay, or in this case, the story. They all tend to be teenagers though, because I understand them the best, and they're usually athletic and have problems and whatnot. I'm working on character development though and I can see a bright future for practicing.

    Current Stories:

    The Olympus Twelve rule over a corrupted Digital World where the inhabitants are constantly afraid of their kings and queens. It is by mysterious chance that three humans are sent to save them, taking the place of three Digimon that are sent in their place. Six friends must conquer the Olympus Twelve to rescue twelve missing children and save a world from destruction while they simply play as pawns into the hands of a bigger force.

    Future Stories: I'm thinking of doing a story on Mars from Team Galactic and her life and adventures leading up to her encounter with the notorious villains of the Sinnoh Region. I was lucky enough to be in a roleplay where I created an entire persona for Mars before Team Galactic so I'm definitely going to be working on that as soon as Digimon Heroes is done (which at this rate will be in five years -_-").

    Writing Tips (Optional): Always, always, always, proof-read your work. You don't even know how many times I've had to edit chapters once their posted because I've already found something I've missed in my search for imperfections. I also find that if you're struggling with the use of commas, read the story out loud. You'll hear where the natural pauses are and be able to place commas accordingly.

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    Name: I go by Shadow Lucario

    Age (optional): 17

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Journey, OT

    Strong Areas: Characters is probably my strongest point. I am able to create a colorful cast of characters, all with different personalities, faults, strengths, and etc. I also think I am good at coming up with plots.

    Type Of Characters: I like writing about the cocky, arrogant types. With them there is so much character development needed. That is when you get your chisel and start hammering away at them.

    Current Stories:

    No matter when you live, there will always be war...

    Bask in the light or drown in darkness...

    Future Stories:

    Pokemon Academy 3

    Pokemon Academy 4

    Remix 2

    Remix 3

    Remix 4

    Writing Tips (Optional): Stick with your story no matter what. Don't trash it because one person doesn't like it. Take it slow and make sure you have corrected all the spelling and grammar errors. A beta can help with this.
    Credit goes to MagicMochi. Check out their shop.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder
    While it is very reminiscent of a lot of journey trainer fics, it held my attention. It stands out among a lot of the other fics I've read lately and I'm excited to continue the story.

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    Name: Gally

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Original Trainer. In that very, very broad genre, I like writing mainly adventure, with hints of friendship/comedy thrown in

    Strong Areas: Characters. I work long and hard to make my characters people, and not just cardboard cutouts. Who raised them, what shaped them, how they became who they are today.

    Type Of Characters: The everyman. For every fate-chosen hero in the world there are hundreds of people who go through their lives never really doing anything world shattering. We have enough "special" people in fanfiction, and normal characters can be just as fun and engaging.

    Current Stories: Beat The System - A twelve year old Kent is given an extraordinary chance, and isn't about to give up just because he's over his head.

    Future Stories: Not too sure

    Writing Tips: Just do the best you can to tell a clever, engaging story. Accept constructive criticism, most of the time people really do want to help.

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    There were really many writers in this forum much more than I expected... (I'm relieved *|^o^|* )
    Anyway, I'm also a FanFic writer, so I'll also give a short introduction of myself.

    Name: Crystal

    Age: I'll keep this for secret

    Gender: Female

    Strong Area: Thinking everything related to my FanFic: story plot development, story outline, character (including designs), dialog, sentence structure, even the grammar.

    Weak Area: Put my thinking into writings.... (--);

    Type of Character: Depending on my FanFic. There is no specific one I preferred or not preferred

    Current Story: Pokemon New Adventure Chronicle (shorten as Pokemon NAC). Still writing, and written in Japanese.
    This is about a girl going out for Journey as like normal Pokemon Trainer. But as story develops, a "hidden" purpose behind her journey slowly reveals... (The story plot style is similar to Pokemon Special)
    P.S. I'm not tending to post it, because 1st) it is incomplete, and I don't know when I can finish it, and 2nd) it is all in Japanese, how many people in this forum can read Japanese?

    Future Story: Let's just finish my current one, then I'll think should I write another one or not.

    Writing Tips: For the Pokemon FanFic writers: DON'T FOLLOW HOW THE STORY PLOT WAS DEVELOPED AS IN THE POKEMON ANIME!!! You going to end up with an endless boring story if you do so.
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    Hooray copy-pasta:

    Name: IC Ghost, although I also answer to Cheddar Wolf, and Azurne.

    Age: Twenty.

    Gender: Female.

    Types Of Writing:
    I love horror to itty bitty pieces, angst, fantasy, some Sci-fi, and Action/Adventure.

    Strong Areas: Character.

    Type Of Characters: The disturbed ones, or the thoughtful.

    Current Stories: The Golden Dusk, and Silver Dawn

    Genre: OT/Journey/Angst/Drama

    Summary: She started just like any other trainer, but fell into the wrong crowd. Now, Pokemon-less and bitter, she's left to repent for all the atrocious things she's done. Together, She and a young boy will travel all of Johto to find stolen Pokemon of New Bark's lab, and in the process... unearth a plot. With the world turned against her, the elite four in a state of chaos, and Team Rocket silently moving, this may prove to be her most difficult journey yet.

    Rating: PG-13

    Future Stories: The Golden Dusk & Silver Dawn is getting revised. And I might get the courage to post some short stories on here.

    Writing Tips: There are many ways to describe a ball. A good writer will find a way to describe it like no other can.

    Second, don't overuse adjectives. if you see a recurring word, that's a bad thing.

    Third, do not be afraid to ask for help. If you need someone to toss fanfic ideas at all day, my PM box is open, and I love conversing with other writers.

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