Name: Duke Smugleaf

Age (optional): At the time of posting, I'm 19. Though, I'll be turning 20 in only a couple of days.

Gender (optional): Male

Types Of Writing: I don't actually write much. I was inspired to do this Pokémon fic by a friend of mine. However, my favorite genres are slice-of-life, horror, romance, fantasy, and sci-fi, in that order.

Strong Areas: No idea. I'm far too self-critical to pick out my strong points, myself, and my only critic (thus far) isn't actually a very good critic. So, I guess, just see for yourself!

Type Of Characters: Any, really. I don't have a character preference.

Current Stories: A Quest for Acceptance: an Adventure/Drama piece which follows the journey of a young girl through Hoenn and her quest to gain the respect and acceptance of her parents.

Future Stories: The Homeward Journey, A New Challenge, and The Final Stretch are the other three parts to the afore mentioned story. I have no idea when they'll be written as that's dependent upon how long it takes me to finish the first part.

Writing Tips (Optional): Um...don't be boring?