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Thread: Author's Profile V.3

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    Name: Duke Smugleaf

    Age (optional): At the time of posting, I'm 19. Though, I'll be turning 20 in only a couple of days.

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: I don't actually write much. I was inspired to do this Pokémon fic by a friend of mine. However, my favorite genres are slice-of-life, horror, romance, fantasy, and sci-fi, in that order.

    Strong Areas: No idea. I'm far too self-critical to pick out my strong points, myself, and my only critic (thus far) isn't actually a very good critic. So, I guess, just see for yourself!

    Type Of Characters: Any, really. I don't have a character preference.

    Current Stories: A Quest for Acceptance: an Adventure/Drama piece which follows the journey of a young girl through Hoenn and her quest to gain the respect and acceptance of her parents.

    Future Stories: The Homeward Journey, A New Challenge, and The Final Stretch are the other three parts to the afore mentioned story. I have no idea when they'll be written as that's dependent upon how long it takes me to finish the first part.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Um...don't be boring?
    Visit The Pokémon Trainer’s Corner. Here, on this brand new island, you will find many enjoyable activities such as Gyms to participate in which, when won, would allow you to participate in our very own Tournament! We're a small community of Pokémon fans that has gathered together to try and make this a great experience for all fans of Pokémon, new and old alike. One of our fun activities is creating our very own fan-made region: Vanlang. It is an entirely original region with new Pokémon, moves, people, towns, and maps. There is even a great war is looming in the distant future.
    So, come and join us in The Pokémon Trainer’s Corner, and have a great time!

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    Name: FlamingRuby, but you can call me FR or Ruby for short

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy, adventure, miagic, slice of life, comedy

    Strong Areas: Sense of humor, originality

    Type Of Characters: True friends that stick together through good times and bad, determined heroes that go to any lengths to achieve their goal, heroes that no one expected to be a hero

    Current Stories: The Things We Do For Love--Brock teaches a rival about love and learns a little about love himself.

    Unnamed entry for Perspectives--a glimpse into the life of a Pichu

    Future Stories: Pokemon: The Magic of a Melody (in planning), Kochou and the Beautiflies reboot

    Writing Tips (Optional): Anything can be inspiration
    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Shine Diamond--a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Island Sun
    --a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters

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    Name: Neo, Neo Duality, misc, neru

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Sci-fi

    Strong Areas: Everything

    Type Of Characters: Anything

    Current Stories: Entropy

    Future Stories: None planned as of yet.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Don't write if you don't know how.

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    Name: You can call me either Disclaimer or Vanir. They are my two most common board usernames.

    Age (optional): 15, almost 16.

    Gender (optional): Male.

    Types Of Writing: Romance(even though I'm not so great at it), Fantasy

    Strong Areas: I guess I'm good at pacing.

    Type Of Characters: I like to write characters that start out nice and upbeat, but end up being total douches or angsty for whatever reason. Usually I (theoretically) resolve the issue and they end up being better, but not quite so upbeat as before.

    Current Stories: In The End
    A three part story about an original character. It's technically an original trainer story, but it doesn't follow his whole journey, just a small part at the beginning, another part in the middle, and the end. A couple canon characters play a major part in Part 1, one canon character plays a medium-level role in Part 2, and several canon characters play important roles in Part 3. Romance/Adventure, Anime-verse.

    Future Stories: Champion
    A drabble about my favorite character. Game-verse.

    Dusk Lasts Forever
    My main reader suggested that I turn this into something original, since Pokemon has little to actually do with it, but it didn't feel right when I did. Romance/Hurt/Comfort, DawnxOC, Slight Anti-Pearlshipping. Anime-verse(obviously) WARNING: Dawn is out of character. VERY out of character.

    Writing Tips (Optional): I'm not good enough to qualify for offering advice.

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    Name: Jacobii

    Age: 13

    Types of Writing: I mostly write adventure, comedy, and sci-fi.

    Strong areas: originality, character devolpment, and describing battle scenes

    Weak areas: plot twist and describing characters

    Types of characters: I love making the greedy antagonist.

    Current stories: Pokemon Island: Machoke passed out on the mysterious Pokemon Island. Will he ever make it home to his friends in Vermilion city?

    The Jacobii Adventures: A comedy about my pet bird going through the world of Kanto. Jacobii is nasty, stupid, and abnoxious. His team is based on my red Pokemon. Ever since he was united with his starter Pokemon, Dewgong aka Toast, he is on a quest to journey through Kanto and become the champion of Kanto just so he can brag about it to my other pet bird Jose.

    Future stories: Oak's past, the story of Professor Oak's days as a trainer.

    Tips: Only write about ideas YOU and not other people find interesting. Be proud of your writing and practice often but still go outside and have a life. Have fun while writing or else there is no purpose.


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    Name:Wish Master
    Stong Points:character development, plot twists
    weak points:Plot itself, character description, battles
    types of characters: i like the valiant protagonist
    Current stories:The 4 Empires
    Future Stories:Mystery Dungeun-Explorers of the Void

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    Name: Adam | Mr. Joker | Kamitsure

    Age: sixteen

    Gender: male

    Types Of Writing: Fantisy | Sci-fi | Fiction

    Strong Areas: Antagonists | Character development | Plot

    Type Of Characters: Antagonists | Funny Charaters

    Current Stories:
    Seven a Black & White Epic | Link | Credit |
    After The Event, a young trainer will go to extreme lengths to find closer. This Thriller is rated R for violence.

    ---------- join ever grande city, a fun and new pokemon forum!! // tumblr

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    Name: Ness Dark

    Age: 12

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Action, Drama, and Romance (don't judge me! >=D)

    Strong Areas: I'm not too sure yet. I'm a total newb when it comes to writing. Please aid me as my sun-bae's.

    (sun-bae means someone of a higher position, like someone who worked on something I'm working on for a longer time. In this case, fanfics.)

    Type Of Characters: impatient, yet kindhearted.

    Current Stories: Fallen 1004! (if anyone can get me a banner, please tell me!)

    Future Stories: 1004! (sequal to Fallen 1004!.)

    Writing Tips: I have no tips except... We should be helping eachother on eachothers' fanfics. please guide me through my series!
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    98% of teens won't stand up for God.
    Be one of the 2% that will, copy this in your signature.

    Quote Originally Posted by tumbleweed93 View Post
    lxdarknessxl ~ The Invincible Asian PKMN

    A pokemon which cannot be destroyed, it claims the reason for this to be that it is 'too asian'. It becomes enraged when it's heritage is questioned.
    lol, tumbleweed93 knows me too well.

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    Name: Pokenutter, Tom Pokenutter

    Age (optional): 17 in one month

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Adventure Fanfics, some suspense

    Strong Areas: Plot is my strong point, and I'm working on description. I have character development nailed until I try to write it down.

    Type Of Characters: Emotionally disconnected, knowledge crazed awkward characters or comic relief for the heroes, complete monsters for villains.

    Current Stories: (Serebii Only)-

    MD Journal- A human wakes up as a Totodile. Your basic Mystery Dungeon story with twists thrown in here and there. Written in first-person present tense, and features notes from a 1st person past tense thrown in where they are helpful.
    Found at

    Blue Snow: OTR- One month before the beginning of the story, blue snow falls, and transforms humans into Pokemon. A week later, the sun shines red, and the air restores the human race (It sounds better in the summary of events given at the beginning of the first chapter.) Kyle Montressor, a former Hoenn League Champion, is unable to breathe the air during the day of red sun, and remains a Cubone. When his girlfriend is ostracized for their relationship, Kyle resolves to find a way to return to normal. Screenplay, with a summary of previous events at the beginning of each chapter. Slow updater.
    Found at

    Future Stories: (Fics on Deviantart, Bulbagarden, and Lucarioforum)
    Best found here:

    Pokemon Hidden Projects- Torrie Lycathroe is thrust into danger when he and his friend Seth encounter Team Bio, an organization which has already toppled the government of Kanto-Johto. Seth joins their ranks, and Torrie comes into contact with a chemical designed for the subjugation of humans; Jade, which turns humans into Pokemon. Now, Torrie must avoid Team Bio and learn to control his abilities, which can manifest anytime, anywhere. Written in 3rd-person past tense. Incredibly slow updater. 2nd version in development; original is over, but the story is nowhere near finished.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: American Exploration- Early Mystery Dungeon fic of mine. 3 children in our reality receive advance copy DSis and are turned into Pokemon. 1st person past-tense with alternating POV. Stagnant since August 2009.

    Chu'd- My only anime-based fic. Satoshi is turned into a Pikachu again due to a relapse of Lily's spell. He is taken in up by Clarence Waldorf, a young boy who lost faith in humanity, and turned himself into a Pikachu as well. Clarence tries to shelter Satoshi for the week that the spell's effect will last, but accidentally involves Satoshi in a large turf war with a territorial Luxray. Stagnant since November 2009.

    Mutate- A private RPG-turned-fanfic. For unknown reasons, humans around the globe are turning into Pokemorphs, and the government is holding them under the pretense that the "mutates" are a danger to society. One new mutate orchestrates an escape, but unwittingly frees the mutates whose arrests were covered up- those who care nothing for laws and less for those abiding by them. Stagnant due to RPG inactivity since August.

    Writing Tips: Just write what comes naturally. It's usually best to pick something that you enjoy, and just write until you find a topic which flows. When you do that, do your best to finish it.
    Last edited by pokenutter; 14th October 2010 at 6:48 PM.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Journal- 33 chapters and counting!
    Most Recent Chapter- As the party gets closer and closer to Geal Tower, Heath eavesdrops on the party.

    Brighter Day- 1 chapter and counting!
    Most Recent Chapter- Eric reminisces about his and Natalie's entry into the Edliss Academy, and hijinks ensue.

    Interested in a blog that reviews the Pokémon products of the past and present? Have a look at !

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    Name: Lilly2. That's actually my main character's name, I've also named my cat that when I got her two years ago (Yes, that's how long I've been writing/thinking/editing/crazy for..) But my real name is Gabrielle

    Age: Fourteen

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: *sigh* . . . a very complex mixture of adventure, love, angst, more love, romance in a weird way . . . Sorry, I'm a bit confused about this one.

    Strong Areas: Plot Developement . . . passion for writing

    Types of characters: I wish I was good enough of a writer to understand this better, but that's why I'm here! Misunderstood.

    Current Stories: I have absolutely no idea what to call it, but it's in my sig! Go check it out if you like harshly criticizing people
    I love it with a burning passion <3

    My Current Team(SoulSilver):

    My fanfic idea:

    My fanfic:

    I follow Satoshi's Pokémon training philosophy; a balance of love & hard work is needed to overcome adversity. I treat my Pokémon as partners and friends while bringing out their best with EV & moveset building. That's just me ;P Feel free to copy and paste this into your sig if you feel the same way about Pokemon =D (Started by Emperor Empoleon)

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    Name: Blazie

    Age: ...I am in high school. If you're really desperate go look at my profile. =P

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: Mostly fantasy - well, all fantasy since I only write Pokemon fanfiction. I like writing stories that are about relationships (not necessarily romantic ones) or involve action and stuff. Usually both.

    Strong Areas: I love plotting my plots. And basically everything that goes into creating and planning the piece of fiction. I like designing characters and figuring out the mechanics of whatever fantasy I've created.

    Uh, also, be warned that I am the slowest writer in the universe. =/

    Type Of Characters:
    I enjoy writing somewhat sarcastic characters who make retorts often. And characters who struggle after I've inflicted some sort of torture or pain upon them. That, or the typical nice guy/girl with flaws but is still a really great person. They're usually all good at heart. Meaning that I struggle with the really cruel villains. D:

    Current Stories:
    A Divide
    Rated PG-13 for violence and death (no gore, at the moment, we'll see), occasional language and slightly mature themes.

    This is AU PMD2, about what might have happened if Grovyle had been able to hold on to the heroine in the Passage of Time, but she had still been transformed and suffered amnesia. I'm really proud of how it's going so far. Even if it's coming slowly. The plot isn't all 'Oh, let's save the world and discover myself on the side'; this focuses a lot more on how the change in circumstance affects the heroine's relationships, especially with Grovyle.

    Future Stories:
    None at the least, none that I've developed enough to know whether they're just fun little writings or worthy of being posted.

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    Uh, also, be warned that I am the slowest writer in the universe. =/
    Haha I love that x) It's ok, I'm really slow, too.
    Well, only because I have almost no time whatsoever to work on it..

    Type Of Characters: I enjoy writing somewhat sarcastic characters who make retorts often. And characters who struggle after I've inflicted some sort of torture or pain upon them. That, or the typical nice guy/girl with flaws but is still a really great person. They're usually all good at heart. Meaning that I struggle with the really cruel villains. D:
    This better describes how my characters are, though it's not exact...I can't determine why not yet...

    This is AU PMD2, about what might have happened if Grovyle had been able to hold on to the heroine in the Passage of Time, but she had still been transformed and suffered amnesia. I'm really proud of how it's going so far. Even if it's coming slowly. The plot isn't all 'Oh, let's save the world and discover myself on the side'; this focuses a lot more on how the change in circumstance affects the heroine's relationships, especially with Grovyle.
    Oh my gosh, that sounds awesome. I've never even thought of that! I'm so reading it

    My Current Team(SoulSilver):

    My fanfic idea:

    My fanfic:

    I follow Satoshi's Pokémon training philosophy; a balance of love & hard work is needed to overcome adversity. I treat my Pokémon as partners and friends while bringing out their best with EV & moveset building. That's just me ;P Feel free to copy and paste this into your sig if you feel the same way about Pokemon =D (Started by Emperor Empoleon)

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    Name: Moonlightning

    Age : 15

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: umm, not really any specific areas.

    Strong Areas: My description and emotional scenes tend to be my strong point. I really enjoy making things dramatic and exciting, especially if one character is greatly moved by the incident.

    Type Of Characters: Again, no particular characters, although I do prefer writing about slightly darker, grittier characters rather than the barbie pink happy-go-lucky kids.

    Current Stories: When The Grave Calls ( Banner is in my sig.)

    Future Stories: Pokemon Match: The Martial Way
    ( A lot of effort has gone into planning this one...)

    Writing Tips : Give the reader something to laugh, cringe, sob or smile at. They will follow the stories that move them.

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    Name: IanDonyer (just Ian, please)

    Age (optional): 17

    Gender (optional): Malefemalething, 85% male, 15% female.

    Types Of Writing: Adventure, Action, Romance

    Strong Areas: I like to think description, and that's about it.

    Type Of Characters: Anything but suicidal-level angsty.

    Current Stories: Great Favor: Volkner's Tale: A thirteen year old Olivine City resident called Volkner seems to have been chosen by a power beyond his comprehension. The power informs him that they will do him a great favor... but he has to do one for them, first.

    Future Stories: "Come Out Tonight", a multichapter implied SocioShipping story; "The Avian Chronicles", an OC, original region story; "Best Laid Plans", an OC Johto-travel story with a twist
    Last edited by D. Scott; 8th November 2010 at 7:32 PM.

    Though probably obvious with the picture, I was formerly known as IanDonyer. Actually got a username closer to my real name, now.

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    Name: Jabberwocky; Jabber; Zack

    Age (optional): 15

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: I prefer writing journey fics, fantasy stories, adventure stories, and recently, slice-of-life stories (with my fic Bulbagarden!).

    Strong Areas: I'm good at plotting, humor, diologue [sic], and romantic subplots.

    Type Of Characters: I love writing villains and snarky, sarcastic characters. Idiot heroes are also always fun.

    Current Stories/Future Stories:

    * The Ash Ketchum Chronicles: A collection of stories after Ash Ketchum has grown up. Prequel to my fic Pokemon GK.

    * It's The Quenchiest (Avatar: The Last Airbender fic): In Fire Nation-occupied Ba Sing Se, a terrifying secret about a new drink is discovered...

    * The New Teen Titans (Teen Titans fic): Three years after the TV show ends, the Titans must face all-new challenges, including a seemingly-revived Terra...

    * The Stories of Biru (coming soon to SPPf): The mythology of the distant Biru region.

    * Pokemon GK: The adventures of Ash Ketchum's son.

    * Wally's Tale (Not yet on SPPf): Ever wondered about Wally's side of the story? Wonder no more!

    * Bulbagarden! (not yet on SPPf): A tongue-in-cheek satirization of Pokemon fandom.

    * The Chronicles of the Jabberwock Pirates (One Piece fic, not yet on SPPf): Carroll D. Jabber and his crew want to be the greatest pirates ever!

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    Name: Piplup-luv, PL, Pip

    Gender: Female

    Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, The Legend of Spyro, Legend of the Guardians

    Types Of Writing: Adventure, Friendship, Action, SOME comedy and romance

    Strong Areas: Character creation, plot twists

    Type Of Characters: I normally have characters that are unique in their own way. My characters have strange personalities sometimes (Extremely Hyper, Serious, Happy, or Brave are my most common). A few of my characters can be strange in a physical way (such as looks) but that’s only because of my wild imagination^^;

    Completed Stories:


    Current Stories:

    1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Between Time and Darkness

    Genre: Adventure, Friendship
    Status: In Progress
    Summary: Have you ever wondered what would have happened if things had gone differently? A what-if story based off the events in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness/Sky

    2.Could it be Love?

    Genre: Friendship, Romance, slight Comedy
    Status: On Hold
    Summary: A true story about two Ducks (my pets) and their eturnal love for each other. Told by both of them

    Future Stories:

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    Mental Note: Put something interesting here later

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    Name: Call me Grass.
    Age: 1,292,520 Aresian years, about 14 on Earth.
    Gender: Male, I think.

    Type of Writing: None yet.

    Strong Areas: I don't know.

    Weak Areas: I don't know.

    Type of characters: Any really.

    Current Stories:
    Digimon Season X:
    A new, fan-made (duh.) season of digimon. Six teenagers are brought to the digital world for a reason that noone currently knows. (I will update this as I post chapters.)

    Future Stories:
    A tournament story featuring a fossil trainer. Called The Fossil Collector's Chance.

    Writing Tips: None.
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    Name: Call me milc
    Gender: Male

    Type of Writing: Adventure and Fantasy (I enjoy them)

    Strong Areas: plot?

    Weak Areas: Character Development?

    Type of Characters: Wise old sage

    Current Stories: Chronicles of Pangea and typing up my original, raggedy, and teared Age of Kids back at 6th grade (been lying on my desk ever since...)

    Future Stories: Alchemy, Pangea History, some pokemon history thingy?

    Done: Age of Kids (on paper)

    Writing Tips: I

    I'm Milc546.
    This is my Wobbuffet.
    He is Bonkers, and you must call him that or he will use splash on you, and trust me, that hurts. These are his friends! Bob and Paco.

    They are AWESOME

    Chronicles of Pangea:

    John 3:16-For God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
    If you're a Christian and you love Jesus, add this verse to your sig. Started by jesusfreak94

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    Name: Doaj. Or you can call me Bret. Otherwise, though, I won't know you're talking to me. Because I have no other names. Oh, wait. Or Tonberry King. lol. Doaj was taken though (D=)

    Age (optional): 19.

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime, Thriller

    Strong Areas: I've received praise for my dialogue and character development.

    Type Of Characters: Supporting characters, regardless of their personality. I don't know why, but I have a lot of trouble writing for the main character. If I switch perspectives to a supporting character, I can still write them fine. It's the title of 'main character' that seems to make me balk at the task of personifying them.

    Current Stories: 'Pokemon Epilogues: The Birth', and 'Pokemon Epilogues: The Sandstorm' are my two pokemon stories at the moment. The Sandstorm isn't up here yet because I wanted to start with getting some reviews for the first one. I'm also working on a story called 'Tales of Lore', which is an original piece, as well as a screenplay called 'The Boy and His Octopus', also an original piece. I have a novella I'm working on called 'Border Town', which may or may not end up included in Tales of Lore (haven't decided) and I have a handful of short stories. If I get enough comments and reviews for The Birth, I'll probably put up other works. Otherwise, I won't waste the space here. =P

    Future Stories: I didn't realize these were separate categories. lol. Well, I have a story I want to eventually write, currently untitled, about a man who never learned how to make friends well, and so he only knows a handful of people, including family. Throughout the story they mysteriously vanish one by one, leaving no evidence of their existence behind.

    Writing Tips (Optional): I'm a new writer to the site, but I've been writing for years. My best advice is to slam out whatever you can, even if you feel it's terrible. Go through it and mark it up, noting sentences or paragraphs you want to reword, ideas and themes you want to expand on, maybe dialogue you feel should be changed. Try and take a three page story, and make it ten. Then work on what else could have happened between scenes, or what cause and effect scenarios could or especially should have played out, and write them in. Try and bump it to fifteen when you're done with that. Move it on up to twenty by reviewing the new additions, and then think about what could have happened before or after the incident, from the perspective or prologue and epilogue. What might people still want to know? That's what works for me anyway, is starting with a basic idea, and expanding in every direction. Turn a single sentence into a paragraph. Turn a paragraph into a page. A page into five. Let your imagination drag you around the story, and when you've come down from your "writing high", see what you can adjust to improve on it.

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    Name: RoflLuxRay (You may call me LuxRay)


    Gender: Male

    Types of writing: Crime, comedy, drama, romance

    Strong areas: Character development and Plot development

    Current stories:

    -Kyle Miller's Life and Warfare: The story of a former ranger haunted by its past on a journey to regain the glory of its country

    Future Stories:

    -Sins. A ranger with double personality disorder

    Writing tips: The best way to learn how to write is to read!!!
    10th prestige Lv 55 Nightmare

    I still Like wafflezzzz...

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    Name: Fixthe, or Fixedthe Fernback. You may also call me Mr. Fernback

    Age (optional): 16

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Comedy and Drama

    Strong Areas: I wrote a lot when I was younger, and I was particularly good at developing a nice, solid plot. No telling in what I can do now

    Type Of Characters: Odd characters

    Current Stories: None at the moment

    Future Stories: Currently, I'm working on an OT fanfic called Pokemon Central (I constantly find myself abbreviating it as Pkmn Central), as well as several short stories/one-shots that have been in a storage freezer somewhere...or something.

    Pokemon Y Friend Safari: Type is Ghost, Pokemon are Shuppet, Pumpkaboo and Spiritomb.
    3DS FC: 3566-1718-0207

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    Name: Aslynn is good enough.

    Age (optional): 11

    Gender (optional): Female

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy/Action. The occasional bit of Drama added in.

    Strong Areas: I've been praised IRL and on the net for my description and style.

    Type Of Characters: Happy/Cheerful protagonists, and forboding/dark antagonists.

    Current Stories: Pokemon: SeaSwept Night. I kinda gave up after Chapter 2, so don't bother.

    Future Stories: Genetic Tribute - Some story I plan to write about Splced Pokemon (Y'kno fusions? Yeah, about them) going through a massive Splice Project known as Hyora. The scientists may or may not have a dark side.... haven't gotten far enough yet.

    Writing Tips (Optional): I suggest writing a basic plan of wha you want to happen through out the story on paper. Only a rough plan. Then start writing, based on the small plan. Also, try to write a chapter all in one go. Writing in chunks can make you lose the idea and feeling you were going for, and can make the chapter go in a weird direction at times.
    Importantly, to me, don't post your fic as soon as you finish Chapter 1. Criticism can make you lose focus and interest in the story, resulting a failed fan fiction.

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    Well, I suppose I might as well get in on this. I have nowhere to keep track of all my works, so this would be a good place to start. For anyone that reads this, feel free to check out my stuff and tell me what you think. :3 Hahahah.

    Name: Dawn_Hero's my username, but feel free to call me either Dawn, Hero, or Zach.

    Age: Seventeen as of 3/7/2011.

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: I love to write horror, mystery, tragedy, and journey stories. I also love to write a good story with a surprise twist ending.

    Strong Areas: Well, I don't know what specifically I'm good at, but judging from reviews I've gotten from stories it would be character interaction and dialogue. I feel somewhat happy with my plot-making and plot-progression abilities as well, but I don't know if they're actually good or not.

    Type Of Characters: I absolutely adore the beautiful, kind, totally psychotic type of characters. The kind that donate to children hospitals and then go home and kill their butler and his family. I also enjoy creating tragic characters and those who've been pushed to their limit and are about to break.

    Completed Stories:
    Pokemon One-Shots

    My Silent Song- Explore the tragic tale of Red's mother ever since he left her to begin his journey. Just what fate is left for her now that her only son is gone?

    Prey- As a toxin spreads through the city and kills Pokemon after Pokemon, delve into the mind of one Nurse Joy who's had more in her life than she can take.

    Non-Pokemon One-Shots

    The Carol of The Bells- (PG-13)- Alice had been living on the streets for a year now after her parents had died Christmas morning and she had no where to go. As she lays in the snow freezing, she soon realizes just how much one small chance can change a person's life forever. In the end, is it truly better to choose life without love... Or love without life?

    Wendigo- (PG-13)- Jess was a happily married mother with the daughter she'd always wished for. It's true that bad things happen to good people, but no one should have to see just what it is that goes "bump" in the night.

    Current Stories: Within My Own Nightmares- Zach Oxford was the shy, talentless child of a mother who was a professional Pokemon Trainer when he left on his journey to travel Johto with his friends Ashley and Duncan. A mysterious nightmare soon opens his eyes to a plot hidden within the world that will shake Johto to the core. Now, as a Darkrai continues to try and deliver him further messages while mysterious disappearances rise, murders happen daily, and people begin to fall into nightmarish slumbers left and right, Zach and his friends are in for a brand new adventure that might just leave all of them dead before they can even truly start their journey. Will Zach be able to save Johto, or will the region forever be trapped within their own nightmares?

    Future Stories: Honestly, I've no idea what stories I'll be doing in the future. I'm mostly focusing on one-shots outside of Within My Own Nightmares, so they're all relatively spur-of-the-moment. I am, however, considering putting in some effort to create an Officer Jenny one-shot, though.

    Well, that wasn't so bad. Guess I'll try to make sure and keep this up to date as best I can hahah.
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