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Thread: Author's Profile V.3

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    Name: BlueMew7, NKT, (Ethan)

    Age (optional): 15

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Action, Adventure, Romance, Horror, Tragedy, and sometimes, all of those are mixed in together! It's a wild ride!

    Strong Areas: I've done a lot of RP stuff on another php forum. So it's a little different from writing a story, because you are only writing about one character with an RP. Anyways, I guess my strong areas would be making quick developments of original ideas. I guess you could say I'm good at characterization. My characters sometime seem cliche on the outside, but their development gets deeper and deeper throughout my stories.

    Weak Areas: Since I am also a reviewer, I feel hypocritical when I say that grammer is one of my weak areas because I critique other people about their grammer. Another one of my weak areas would be writing extremely long paragraphs and being too indepth (there's a big story as to why I am so indepth). Another one of my weak points would be repeating myself. However, it is usually stuff like, "Bob said", except it does that a lot instead of something like, "He said" if that makes sense at all.

    Type Of Characters: Humerous, serious, emotional, optimistic, love-sick, bold, and knowledgable characters most of the time. The antagonist is usually a single person, a single pokemon, or a symbolic antagonist. The assumed antagonist is usually not the antagonist. The real antagonist is usually the one that is controlling or is the leader, creator, etc. of the assumed antagonist.

    Current Stories: Towards the End(and Love) [PG-13]

    Blue= Written, but not released Lime= Released Red= Not Yet Written Yellow=In the proccess of being written

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7-30(?)

    Future Stories:
    • Release Me My Own Curse [R] or [PG-13] (Naruto Based Story)
    • Two Tribes in Strife (Pokemon Based Story)
    • Spirit of Seperation(and Hate) [PG-13] (Pokemon Based Story) {Sequel to, "Towards the End(and Love)"}
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    Name: GalladeRocks, Gallade

    Gender: Male

    Types of Writing: Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Friendship

    Strong Areas: Character development, Plot twists

    Type of Characters: The insane, bonkers, weirdo is my most common. I also tend to use a more serious hero who tends to use dry humor.

    Ongoing Stories

    Dimensions of Darkness: The Explorers of the Beyond
    Book 3 in the Dimensions of Darkness trilogy
    Genre-Friendship, Adventure, Comedy
    In the third and final book in the Dimensions of Darkness trilogy, Piplup and Chimchar find themselves in hot water after being hauled into a mysterous dimension called the Beyond by the evil Darkrai. The Beyond is a strange place where evil Pokemon reign supreme and the revolutionaries have nearly given up hope. But when Piplup and Chimchar arrive, everything changes. Piplup and Chimchar are whisked through the Beyond on a wild journey, with many twists and turns along the way. A large cast of new characters arrives as well, including the sinister Deoxys, the mysterious Dragonite, and the lovely Prinplup. Piplup and Chimchar embark on the greatest adventure yet, filled with laughs, love, deception, and war. But the stakes are high, and the odds against them are higher. Could Piplup and Chimchar be facing their final challenge?
    Author's Rating: 8/10 stars
    Credits to Rosemary for the amazing banner!

    The Piplup and Chimchar Variety Hour
    Piplup, Chimchar, and the cast of Dimensions of Darkness takes to the stage in this variety show. The main attraction is The Pokemon Show, a spoof of The Muppet Show. Also included are The Arena of Champions, A Pokemon's Life for Me, An Earthly Conquest, and Bidoof Speak. The Arena of Champions tells the tale of a young Grovyle and his quest to become a great gladiator at the Pokemon Arena. A Pokemon's Life for Me is a mini-series detailing the Dimensions of Darkness crew's adventures as pirates. An Earthly Conquest tells about Z, a Riguree who is sent to conquer the Earth. (It's a spoof of the cartoon Invader Zim.) Bidoof Speak is a talk show hosted by Bidoof of Treasure Town as he speaks about anything and everything. None of them are to be missed!
    Author's Rating: 7/10 stars

    Complete Stories

    Dimensions of Darkness: The Explorers of Nightmares

    Book 1 in the Dimensions of Darkness trilogy
    27 chapters.
    Genre-Friendship, Adventure, Comedy
    Summary-Piplup and Chimchar, who form the legendary Team Pokepals, find themselves caught up in an evil plot larger than they can imagine. As they perservere against bandits, extreme weather, transforming Pokemon, and war itself, the two partners find that the world they're living in is not truly what it seems...
    Author's Rating: 5/10 stars

    Dimensions of Darkness: The Explorers of the Core
    Book 2 in the Dimensions of Darkness trilogy
    30 Chapters plus prologue and epilogue.
    Genre-Friendship, Adventure, Comedy
    Summary-In this sequel to The Explorers of Nightmares, the adventures of Team Pokepals continue. Piplup and Chimchar pursue the evil Darkrai deep into the earth's core to prevent him from unleashing his grand new powers. With Grovyle and Dusknoir at their side, the two partners will traverse whatever the Core has to throw at them to protect all their friends back home.
    Author's Rating: 7/10 stars

    The Road of a Gym Leader-Volkner's Story

    Summary-The story of Volkner's life from the time he was a child to his becoming a Gym Leader. Includes VolknerxCynthiaShipping.
    Author's Rating: 4/10 stars

    Livin' the Dream
    Summary-Mater, the tow truck from Cars, recounts all of the great times he's had since meeting his best friend Lightning McQueen.
    Author's Rating: 2/10 stars

    Summary-Any player of Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version knows well the mysterious character called N. In this one-shot that takes place after the main story of Black and White versions, N leaves Unova on a journey of self-discovery, challenging the beliefs of others while simultaneously questioning his own.
    Author's Rating: 9/10 stars

    Canceled/On Hiatus Stories

    Super Smash Bros: The Return to Subspace
    Cancelled. Will eventually recieve a rewrite.
    Genre-Adventure, Friendship
    Summary-Things have been calm in the World of Trophies since Tabuu's defeat and the end of the Subspace Incident. However, what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation turns into a catastrophe when all of the Brawlers are trapped in Subspace once again.

    Adventures at Oak's
    Canceled, may eventually receive a rewrite
    Genre-Friendship, Comedy
    Summary-The tale of Ash's Pokemon who live at Professor Oak's lab is finally told.

    Thanksgiving Dinner
    Canceled, may eventually receive a rewrite
    Genre-Friendship, Comedy
    Summary-Thanksgiving has come to Treasure Town and the Wigglytuff Guild is planning on having the greatest holiday feast ever! But it will take a lot more work than they expect. Based off my Explorers series, starring Piplup and Chimchar.

    The Pokemon Show
    Canceled, as an individual fic, but included in The Piplup and Chimchar Variety Hour
    Summary-In this zany and hilarious fic, the cast of the Dimensions of Darkness series enters new territory: showbusiness. Yes, in this spoof of The Muppet Show, Piplup, Chimchar, and all their friends star in their own TV show in the place of Kermit the Frog and the Muppets. Plus, with three newcomers to the series, Poliwhirl, Snorunt, and Munchlax, this is not a performance to be missed!
    Based off of my Dimensions of Darkness series, and The Muppet Show

    Order and Chaos
    On hiatus.
    Arceus is one of seven Arcane Pokemon created by the Being of Order. However, he is the only one to create life. Now, after many millenia, the others are ready to reclaim the Earth they once ruled. Only Arceus stands against his siblings to protect his creations. However, he cannot do it alone. Will he be able to succeed in his fight for creation? Or will Chaos overwhelm the world once again?

    Future Stories

    Project: Primordial

    Top secret! No comments available at this time.
    Credits to Light Venusaur for the awesome banner!

    A Pokemon's Point of View-A Collection of Mystery Dungeon One-Shots
    Ranging from Bidoof to Celebi to the Guildmaster Wigglytuff, the story of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 is told through the eyes of the supporting characters.

    Viva la Vida
    Just what happened in the time between Darkrai's fall at the end of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky to his return at the beginning of my Dimensions of Darkness trilogy? Just where did he come from in the first place, and why did he turn to evil? And what happens after his final defeat? Find out in this fic which chronicles the life and times of the notorious Darkrai.

    The Auroras of Time
    In a storyline based loosely off Heartgold/Soulsilver, a young boy named Nathan has a fateful encounter with Suicune in his hometown of Olivine City and is launched into his Pokemon adventure through the Johto region. Along with his partner Chikorita, Nathan goes off on a search for Suicune and a quest for Gym Badges. Aiding him is his childhood friend Anna, who is on a mission for the esteemed Professor Elm. Along the way, he makes a rival in Austin, a boy with a mysterious past and questionable training methods. He also learns the legends of the Time Travel Pokemon Celebi and battles the villainous Team Rocket as he goes. However, Nathan may have bigger problems on his hands. The sleeping legends of Johto have awakened, and the ancient war of Ho-oh and Lugia may soon be revived...

    The Return of the Champion
    The sequel to The Auroras of Time, The Return of the Champion follows Nathan to the Kanto region. As always, Austin and Anna are along for the ride and battles are around every corner. However, the last remnant of Team Rocket is on a mission too, one involving the Legendary bird Pokemon of Kanto. If there is any hope for the safety of the Kanto region and even the world itself, Nathan must make a dangerous journey into the depths of the underground, where a powerful opponent lurks. That opponents decision to aid or destroy Nathan could decide the fate of the Pokemon world itself...

    Mind Over Matter
    In the newly discovered Hetla region, a young boy named Nate begins his journey in Pokemon. With over three hundred new Pokemon, including Nate's partner Frion, this adventure is not one to be missed!

    Raised by a Rocket
    The childhood of the Team Galactic Commander Mars is chronicled in this expansion-of-canon one-shot. Born and raised in Kanto during the original reign of Giovanni, Mars has known Team Rocket her entire life. Her mother, Ariana, was one of the top Grunts back in Kanto, a fact which Mars always despised. After Team Rocket is disbanded, it finally seems that she can have the normal life which she longs for. However, three years later, Team Rocket is reborn with the intentions of finding Giovanni. The interim leader, Archer, selects Ariana to be his second-in-command. Mars's life is turned upside-down once again. Can she do anything to make it right? And what does a mysterious man with spiky blue hair have to do with all of this?

    Return to Subspace
    A rewrite of a fic I started a while ago, Super Smash Bros: Return to Subspace. The World of Trophies has been peaceful since Tabuu's defeat and the end of the Subspace Incident. However, a vacation turns into a catastrophe when the brawlers are all stranded in Subspace yet again. With the main roles falling to Mario, Kirby, Meta Knight, and Dedede, the Brawlers must reunite with each other while simultaneously combating the traitorous Ganondorf and his allies.

    Writing Tips: Don't let a bad review get you down. After all, reviews are supposed to help you improve your work. If you try what someone suggests for your work, it can really help you out.
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    Lightbulb Entering Profile

    Wow... recovering my post from Ye Olde Threade.

    Name: Solovino, also Solovino88 (on

    Age: Twenty-something.

    Gender: Male.

    Types Of Writing: sci-fantasy, thriller, OT (with regards to Pokémon).

    Strong Areas: Plot. Lots and lots of plot. I usually plot more than half of a story before I begin writing the actual document (I write quick-plot sentences and small snippets before). Also character development.

    Type Of Characters: Mostly things falling under "Lawful Neutral" alignment. My speciality so far is characters who part-time as members of secret or elitist organizations. Then there are the lone or couple travellers, rejected or disowned heroes, and the occasional happy-go-lucky vigilante.

    In terms of storywise roles, I enjoy more creating the supporting characters than the lead ones, which has become sort of a bump for my writing.

    Current Stories:
    • “Final Fantasy VI: Scalar” is the first fic I ever published in English (and under this penname). It's basically a thriller-style story following Shadow fron Final Fantasy VI during the parts of the game we the players don't see him, as he gets closer and closer to his return to Thamasa and his only family (oh, and Armageddon by Kefka: let's never forget Kefka!). Status: in progress.
      »Read at
    • “Sixth”: originally intended to be a one-shot, it has grown to be quite large. A story about how a Fossil Pokémon feels about the pact that links humans to Pokémon and that is described in the books of Canalave Library. My first attempt at a first-person Pokémon POV, and I'm happy about how it's turning out to be.
      »Read here at Serebii.
    • “Playfield”: my first entry to a contest, and my first actual one-shot (see above). A story about how an Arcanine and a Rapidash race across the country, not only trying to one-up each other but also trying to do and become something more, maybe legends. Because in the end, the one thing that persist as a measure of achievements, personal or otherwise, is their significance in time. PokéCommunity's SWC Contest 2009, third place.
      »Read here at Serebii

    Future Stories:

    I have several plots in the planning, but there are some ones which I think are meritory to explain here. All of them have small snippets and plot excercises written already, but I'm focusing now on my top three stories so these listed below will be on hold for quite a while.

    • "Untitled #1" (for now): The main work is the Pokémon-based parent series I mentioned above, a long story spanning ten years. Follows a group of young Trainers who have just began their journey when BAM! a catasthrophe hits their homeland. Parent and kids want them to return home, until a mysterious figure pops out and begins pulling far too many strings to up the morale of young trainers.
    • "Untitled #2" (so imaginative): another Final Fantasy story, this time based on Final Fantasy VIII and following the Cid/Edea couple.

    Writing Tips: Use your skills. And I mean your real skills, not just things that you seem to be good writing-wise. We all have a certain thing that we excel at no matter how ridiculous or useless it seems to be.... Lock on that skill, hone it, and try to find a way to integrate into your writing: the "combo" will expand your writing abilities, as well as your skill proficiency, in the process enhancing your curriculum and your cultural baggage twofold. And your readers win too, because they enjoy a better story.
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    Writing what the Pokémon canon lacks since 2010!

    THE SUOCÉVERSE -- Introduction (WIP) -- Official Wiki

    Serebii-Published Writing
    Sixth :: Playfield
    Built for Risk - 3rd place Interpretations 2013
    Silly human, romance is for Nidoran~ - 2nd Best Comedy, 3rd Best Pokémon Centric 2015
    Overlord - 5th place Criminal Intent 2015; 3rd Best Non-Human MC, 2nd Best Pokémon One-Shot 2015

    » Serebii Catalog ÷ FF catalog «

    Coming Up
    Counterparts in Crime -- Interim -- Built for Risk [complete] -- Scalar 2.0 -- Codename: Cardinal -- untitled hyperfiction

    Can help with: character development
    Can't help with: getting rich fast™ schemes.

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    I guess I should get a move on and get my profile up.
    Name: hailflameblast
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi, Action(these 3 for the moment)
    Type of characters: Well, I like to have one protagonist who doesn't let his emotions out with another one who is open with emotions. Would create funny results.
    The Redemption of The Holders
    The holders have defeated thir opponents, but there seems to be an enemy from outer space who wants to wipe the Earth off the face of the Universe........ Can Topaz and Amethyst reverse the other's trance, or are the holders going to be doomed?
    Status: Ongoing

    Note: Topaz, Amethyst and Garnet will probably be appearing in most of my future fics, so i won't mention it again and again.

    Future and planned Fics
    Advice..... in an elevator
    Two people are stuck in an elevator. One has a crush on someone and is thinking about how to make that person know her feelings. The other does not seem like it, but has a lot of cunning and advice on how to pull off most things easily. The two have a deep talk, and the second person smiles as he watches a couple get together with his indirect help.

    A solitary adventure
    Topaz has had fun on his travels and he heads off for a break. Amethyst returns home to help her father with research, leaving Garnet with nothing to do. He sets off on his own journey, but a slightly different one...

    The Adventures of team Aurabeast
    This is based on Explorers of the Sky. However, a twist or two are possible...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chosen_one386
    I'd squeak, too, and I'm merely a year older than she is. Hey, and 18 year olds squeal, too. :P I know I do.


    Credits to Gladeshadow!

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    My OT fanfic: Fighting The Shadows

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    Name: I've been called many, many things, but I generally go by Shadow on here. Smiff is another nickname lots of people call me.

    Age: Seventeen

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: Hard to say. I really like writing things that get into a character's mind, and usually my way of doing that is using Angst to its fullest ability. Though, don't take that wrong. I've written everything from Angst, to Romance, to Humor. Still, when it comes down to it, nearly all my writings consist of Fantasy or Sci-fi themes.

    As for Pokemon fanfics, I will attempt an Original Trainer one some day, but that hasn't happened quite yet.

    Strong Areas: Plots. Many people have complimented me for my imagination (which I say they're nuts for. My imagination is on crack.) That said, since people have said it many times it must be true. I also think I'm good at... informal writing, at least in the way characters speak and present themselves. Sometimes I can describe things pretty well too, but not always, so I don't know if I'd call that a "Strong Area." Also, before I ever start writing anything (original or not) I try to make sure I understand my main characters extremely well. People have commended me for keeping characters In-Character, though I tend to think they end up being kind of robotic sometimes....

    Type Of Characters: Moody Angsters for the win! Well, that said, I've done quite a few different kinds of characters. I'm really into the cocky-full-of-themselves type character at the moment, but I'm really open to trying everything with characters.

    Current Stories: (I'll only put the ones that relate to Serebii on here. I have loads of others on my actual account)

    The Heat Of LaRousse: A One-Shot delving into the mind of our favorite Coordinator, Drew.

    “What made me think about LaRousse? And May? Of all people, why her?” I asked myself as I closed my eyes to build the picture of the scene in my head again. "Nothing too weird," I concluded. "The heat of LaRousse was always too much to handle."

    Walk The Frontier: A story following May through Johto, where she meets quite an unexpected friend: Jimmy. Meanwhile, Drew's contest career is threatened by the newest addition to his team, and of course, a nightmare from his childhood that's content on biting his cockiness in the butt. Basically, its my lame attempt at humor. xD.

    So Far Down, No Way Out: A tragic story in which Pikachu dies, right as Ash starts his journey in Hoenn. A dark, twisted story with some Advanceshipping in it, though, I wouldn't call it your "Average Fluff".

    Future Stories: I've got a few in mind, but they are in the early production stages... so no summaries yet.

    Writing Tips: Honestly, what I feel like keeps my writing in shape is a good ol' fashioned Role-Play. I know it may sound... unappealing to some of you, but its good practice: you're put in situations that you and other people create, generally on the spot. It may not be as... planned out as a fanfic, but it definately helped my writing.

    And of course, if you stay up late writing like me (ungodly hours such as 4 or 5 in the morning. By the way, i don't recommend staying up that late XD.) make sure you sleep well before posting it, and then go back in the morning to proof it. Your brain won't catch things when you're tired.
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    Name: Feralninja (my username cut out the j, and i cant figure out how to change it)

    Gender: Male, last i checked

    Types Of Writing: fantasy, surrealist poetry

    Strong Areas: I'm best at plot, character development and epic fight scenes

    Type Of Characters: I like characters that are amibguios, e.g. amnesia, crytic, or an antihero type of guy.

    Current Stories:

    A pokemon fanfic of which I just started, Force of Will. Check it on the forum.

    Blazing Heart: Something that struck me last year, now at 200 pages. Not yet posted online. Kind of like that Nickelodeon show Avatar, in that the characters manipulate fire, water, air, ect. Only, it doesn't suck.

    Future Stories: A story called Sin, about a boy named Sin, who has grown up in pseudo-dark ages England. Has a demon sealed inside of him, but needs to awaken it. An epic quest with a street performer, a knight with a chip on his shoulder and a monkey ensue

    Writing Tips: Just make sure it all flows. If you can't picture it like a movie in your mind, your reader can't either. If it's boring to you as the writer, most likely it will be to everyone else. And finally... cliches. They're lame and everyone hates them... and yet they sell. NarutoxHinata, anyone?
    3DS FC: 0748-3041-6462

    Thanks for the banner American--Pi!

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    Name: Trainer Robert

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Types of writing: Adventure, Fantasy and Action

    Strong Areas: I will have to say mostly Character and Battle scenes. Plot comes out some what okay, but I belieave that seeing the character in the situation is a good way of telling a story.

    Weak spots:..I have to say when I write NEW stories. I tend to start off very bad, but as I progress through the chapters it gets better. But every time I start off a new story. Its starts out awful.

    Type of Characters:..I tend to juggle around a bit with my characters. But I always have a character that is careing and a bit naive of whats going on.

    Current story: The Kanto story

    Future story: I am hoping to make a sequeal to The Kanto story. Which starts in Johto called. "Johto Elite Test". Ideas haven't started for it. So going to wait till I finish The Kanto story before I give any details for the sequeal.

    Writing tips: All I can say is Have fun with your story and always find ways to improve on it. If your a slow bloomer from chapter 1-5. Then make your story get better and improved in the later chapters. Always try and give your characters alot of depth.
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    Name: Slipomatic, or Raifou either one is fine.

    Age: 19

    Gender: ♂

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy, dragons, a bit of Sci-fi.

    Strong Areas: Plot outlines and character profiling.

    Type Of Characters: Mostly Female characters, most of my characters being quiet or outgoing. Very few of my characters are aggressive or mean. Almost all the male characters I create have something similar. Probably because I got a little lazy on something.

    Current Stories: None

    Future Stories: Team Sunrise - An PMD2 based fan-fic that tells some of the story through the sidelines and will the teams romance get in their way to success.

    Writing Tips:
    1. Spell check
    2. Check Grammer
    3. Always proof read to see if any sentences needs revising.
    4. Plan ahead of your chapters and make sure you get outlines for future chapters as it will help you keep on track.
    5. Brainstorming and/or taking suggestions from readers/critics can help you get through writers blocks.
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    Name: Torpoleon, Torp

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Adventure-based stories.

    Strong Areas: Imagination. I have a bunch of good ideas popping into my head for future fics. I also seem to be getting pretty good with backstories for the characters. Some people on SPPf say that I have pretty good grammar and use some sophisticated words which is good for writing.

    Weak Areas: I don't think I am the greatest at description, but I feel that if I try hard enough, I can do good.

    Type Of Characters: I try to have unique characters.

    Current Stories: N/A

    Future Stories:

    1. Zach and Caroline's Sinnoh Adventure- Slated for Release: January/February 2011
    Zach and Caroline begin their Pokémon Journey in their home region, Sinnoh. They meet lots of friends and make some rivals. Also, they put a permanent end to a villianous team.

    2. Zach & Carol's Hoenn Adventure- Slated for Release: After the above
    Zach adventures alone into the Hoenn Region, but soon meets the lovely 12 Year Old Carol, aiming to be a Top Co Ordinater. They travel together, meeting some new and old people with Zach still having his same goal in mind. They also put a permanent end to two villianous teams.

    3. Caroline & Jack's Kanto Adventure- Slated for Release: After the above
    Caroline adventures into the Kanto Region alone, but is soon accompanied by Jack, a 16 Year Old Boy, aiming to be a Pokemon Master. They travel together, only meeting either Jack's friends or new people. They almost end a villianous team that moves to another region.

    4. Jack & Carol's Johto Adventure- Slated for Release: After the above
    Jack & Carol meet merely by fate in the Johto Region and journey together in this region to meet their goals. They work on their goals and end the villianous team from Kanto.

    5. V Project- Slated for Release: After the above
    Top Secret! I wont say anything about it yet!

    6. Brothers Clash!- Slated for Release: After the above
    A one-shot where Zach battles his long-lost brother, Matt. Matt is being controlled by an evil being. He hints to Zach that he is being controlled by someone whose name rhymes with Bamboo. The battle is heated and it feels like the whole world blows up!

    7. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Return of Tabuu- Slated for release: After the above
    After Tabuu gets healed by his brother, he is back with vengeance! Many new and old faces appears in the end, this will be an all-out war! Who will win, the Smash Fighters or the Subspace Fighters?

    Writing Tips: If someone says that you are bad at writing, or is not too nice to you, keep on going. It happened to me, and I stopped, but decided one day to continue going! Don't stop just because of one, or a few people! Everyone has good writing somewhere deep inside of them. Even if everyone on SPPf says that you are horrible, that does not mean that you are always going to be horrible as long as you put in the time. I'm sure now-famous writers weren't so good starting out!
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    Name: Mrs. Lovett

    Gender: Female

    Genre: Horror and down-to-earth comedy. Two different sides of the spectrum :P Those are the two I'm most accustomed to writing, and I have my own style of writing them. (I write horrors at night and comedies during the day, as a start. I don't really know why.)

    Strong Areas: Plot, titles, beginnings, and endings. I'm good at throwing two people together in the same path, and making them part ways.

    Types of characters: Any personality type I've seen before. Tiny bits of my characters' personalities are somewhat based off of a person I've seen before. If I'm making something up completely from scratch, which I've been doing a lot lately, I have to spend more time planning the character.

    Current Stories:

    Roots // Professorfic
    My main project as of now. It's about Professor Rowan's childhood, and how he came to be professor.

    My Life as a Cave Guardian (One-shot)
    A short story about the poor sap standing in front of Cerulean Cave in FR/LG.

    The Catch Behind Contests (One-shot)
    A wacky story about an ordinary day in the Contest Hall.

    Cheater (One-shot)
    A boy challenges the champion Wallace, and hilarity ensues.

    Future Stories: I get a lot of one-shot ideas, so maybe more of those. Beyond that, only time will tell I guess.

    Writing Tips: Don't make the banner before you write the story.
    By this I mean, don't go off advertising how awesome your story is going to be until you've actually written it to be that awesome. Don't bother with a flashy signature until you've got the writing to back it up.

    (I can't offer any actual tips on writing, because I don't know any decent ones :P)
    Last edited by Mrs. Lovett; 21st July 2010 at 8:40 PM.

    The story of Professor Rowan - Currently being revised.

    Other Works:
    Cave GuardianCheaterContestsMaidsMasterLook and Listen
    Author's ProfileFanFiction Profile

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    Name: lucario

    Gender (optional): guy

    Types Of Writing: fantasy, mystery, adventure

    Strong Areas:Third person point of view. I mainly use this, but a future fanfic will be partily first person, it is my first first person fanfic.

    Type Of Characters: crazy weirdos, usually

    Current Stories:
    1)When Worlds Collide
    A story about when video game worlds collide.
    Although this isn't on this site anymore,[as far as i know], It is on some other sites.

    Future Stories:
    1)The New Age of Pokemon
    I had this up, but it got closed and needs massive editing.

    2)Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Book1-?
    This will be released after books 2+3, but it is meant as the first in a series of three PMD fanfics.

    3)Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Book2-Explorers of the Ancients
    This will be the second of a trilogy of PMD fanfics. It was going to be book1, but I got half-way through chapter2, and then I decided to change the point of view to Team Horrifics, and made it book 2 instead.

    4)Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Book3-?
    This will be the last of a trilogy of pmd fanfics. I don't know the title yet.

    5)Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure-[blue, red, yellow, and green versions.]
    With this story I originally started with Blue Version, then I decided to make Yellow Version, so I could start it all over, with some different things. Then I started making Green Version, to put on this site, because I looked at the Fanfiction Rules, and one thing wrong was length of Chapters. I gave up half-way through Chapter 1, because it would take a while and school started. Then, I decided, in November, that I should make another new version, so I started Red Version. Anyway, after having some other fanfics up, I decided any version needs massive editing to come onto this site.

    6)Mysteries of Super Smash Bros. One-Shots
    A bunch of one-shots explaining things in SSB, SSBM, and SSBB. I already have one made, but it is too short, and I wish to expand on it.
    Last edited by Lucario7777777; 20th December 2009 at 2:31 PM.
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    Name: Travis AKA Legend of Lucario, or LoL

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Types of Writing: Journey, Action, Adventure, a little bit of shipping, and horror

    Current Works: I'm writing something right now that I will be posting either today (6/24/10) or tomorrow (6/25/10). I'll either make the banner myself or go to the request section of the fan-art area...I don't want to give too much away but if you guys know Silver...or well...that's his manga name, you can freely name him in G/S/C/HG/SS, but there really is no story to him...or why he did the things that he did...I want to try to tell a story of him...and continue it past where G/S/C/HG/SS ever did.

    Strong Points: I guess grammar and spelling, I am pretty good at writing in the first person perspective, I think this is, is because I like to be able to write something and think how would I react to the situation or if I change the reaction of the character from my own I can see it in my head like it was me and it's easier for me to express my ideas that way

    Future Fics: Not quite sure yet...I'll think of something...most likely not going to be doing another journey fic for a little while, too much work to do two of them.

    Advice For Aspiring Authors: Though I try to say not to give up, I always somehow manage to stop writing something that I am working on...I really want to try not to this time! One thing that I will strongly recommend is to proof-read, proof-read, proof-read, and don't just do it once, read through two or three times, you will always pick up something that you missed the first time! I'm still proof-reading my first chapter of my new story and there are tons of things that I missed gonig through the first time! Another thing, which I don't know if this is my place to say, is to show and not tell, I'm still not the best with description myself but honestly, it's the truth!
    Last edited by Legend of Lucario; 24th June 2010 at 7:38 PM.
    Insert Cool FanFic Banner Here.
    Maybe I should start writing one of those...

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    Name: Spyro, Apocalypse or Pika

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: Action, Gore, Mystery

    Current Works:
    Vision's: The Darkest Hour; Soon to be posted on DA and here

    Strong Points: Usually my plots are very original and surprising. I am usually good at spporting my details and making them stronger.

    Advice For Aspiring Authors: Always look over your work, Never copy a fic. And most importantly try to come up with interesting characters

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    Name: Celebi, Cele-chan, Sensei, or Sissy-Sensei (because I am an older sister)

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Types of Writing: Adventure, with a bit of backstory.

    Current Fics: While I don't have any posted on here, I do have some posted on another site. I am not advertising. Read them if you want.

    Jared vs. Natu

    This is more of a comedy fic done in semi-style of Coyote vs. Road Runner. It involves a bit of action and a bit of other Nintendo reference here and there. Jared is my original character, and Sara is Profile's original character used with her permission. The region of Shokiko is also original.

    To Fly With Dragons

    This is a story of my original member of the Dragon Clan, and the Dragon Elite 4 of the Shokiko region, Wyverna. This story is more based on her hatred for her second cousin, Lance, and how it got started. And yes, you read that name right. Lance, the Dragon Champion of Kanto makes quite a few appearances in this fic. This fiction is a what-if as though Lance had never lost the Champion status. This fic will have some slight swearing in it as time goes on.

    Both of these fics will be updated when the college fall semester lets out.

    Strong Points: I didn't write so well in the beginning, but with these chapter fics, I'm getting more of my feet wet as far as description is concerned.

    Advice for Aspiring Authors: Check, Double Check, Triple Check. You may find somewhere that you may need more or less description. Also, spell check is your best friend. Don't ignore her.

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    Name: Bebop, you may also call me by my first name, Katrina.

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Usually my stories are one shot, I don't write full novels often.

    Strong Areas: Characters, plot, grammer and spelling, and word choice.

    Type Of Characters: It vary greatly, it depends on the book's genera and plot.

    Current Stories: Gerndal's Lake, Clay Maker, Sandman, and some others, however, those short stories are quite old.

    Future Stories: Untitled novel and some one-short Pokemon fanfictions

    Writing Tips: To be a writer, write.
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    Name: Giratina

    Gender (optional): Genderless but likes to be called female.

    Types Of Writing: Most anything except romance and horror.

    Strong Areas: I think I'm skilled with words and coming up with plots, but sort of falter when describing stuff is involved. And typos. Oh yes, I'm very good at typos. xD

    Type Of Characters: Oh-kay, there's a toughie. I'll work with most, if not all, characters - I'm very adaptable and roleplay canons all the time, some of whom are (of course) just slightly strange.

    Current Stories: Delta Species is the only story I've posted here. It's a Trainer journey set in a semi-fake region, and I'm planning on carrying it through to the end.

    Future Stories: Oh, many. However, some which have been in development for a while are It's My Digital World, Indebted (one-shot; I should post it here sometime), a rewrite of Metal Coat/The Galaxy Key, and an as-of-yet unnamed trek through Johto previously named The Sliding SCALE.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Don't be too afraid of what other people will think of your writing or ideas. Of course, you should definitely listen to suggestions from other people yes, even if it's from Yami Ryu, but don't let their demands make you remove something you really like. And if it's bad and you like it, try to repair the thing while keeping the sole awesomeness of it! : D
    Been a while, hasn't it?

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    Default Venomfrog's Profile

    I might as well fill this out.

    Name: Venomfrog

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Realistic fiction; philosophical.

    Strong Areas: Plot description and theme expression.

    Type Of Characters: Flawed idealist.

    Current Stories: Sea Cottage. It is about an 18-year-old male from Lavaridge Town whose search for his proper purpose is accelerated by an unexpected upheaval.

    Future Stories: None in mind; Sea Cottage will be quite long.

    Writing Tips: Proofread thoroughly and focus on description. Use symbols to enhance characters and in conjunction with other devices to develop them.

    Current Progress: Chapter 1 of Version 2

    Herptile Haven
    If reptiles and amphibians make you happy, then discuss them here! Group maintained by Psychic Politoed.

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    Name: darkdragontamer, DDT (preferred), SugarPesticide (FF.Net)

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Types of Writing: Fantasy/Sci-Fi and Supernatural are at the top of the favorites list, due to my strange love for story worlds with their own sets of rules. OT, Adventure, Parody, and Comedy all have a place in my heart as well. Lately I've been incorporating more drama into BF as well, so I suppose that counts. And my recent interest in horror ... well ... o0;

    Strong Areas: Plots and plot twists. I always have some sort of conflict to keep the story flowing, and there's never a boring moment if there's a shocking revelation (or two, or seven) somewhere in the story. Beyond that, I'm a stickler for grammar, and my description is quite good (especially compared to how it was before I worked to improve it :P).

    Types of Characters: Psychos. X) It's so fun dealing with characters that are just crazy. They see the world in such weird ways, and sometimes they understand a situation better than a normal person would. I also use antagonists with a lighter, likeable side, versus the hero with a grudge or other dark streak ... including sweet little Pokemon gaining a desire for blood, vengeance, etc. Hey, it could happen.

    Current Stories:

    Blazing Frost
    Leaf was a perfectly average beginning trainer hailing from the definitively average hamlet of Pallet Town. The Twins of Fate, however, set her on a more glorious path (from the observer's point of view, at least). Now she must save the world from the influences of an apocalyptic Pokemon with the cliched title of "Lord of Evil", while simultaneously dealing with a sarcastic legendary, a gym leader with a haunting secret, two less-than-sinister Rocket admins, and a Pokedex that just won't shut up.
    Genre: Adventure (with healthy doses of parody, comedy and drama)
    Rating: PG-13
    Status: Chaptered Fic ~ In Progress

    Thirty years after the preacher's darkest hour, he is forced to make a choice: forgive the killer, or walk away.
    Genre: Spiritual/Tragedy
    Rating: PG-13
    Status: One-shot ~ Completed

    Project Valentine
    A compilation of drabbles and one-shots, aiming to feature every Pokemon pairing in existence. The insanity is of this mission is not lost on the cast, of course. A cast, one might add, which features a vast amount of characters with various degrees of enthusiasm and fourth-wall-breaking capabilities, including an exasperated Gardevoir, a nonconfrontational Leafeon, a chivalrous Gallade, a "heroic" Lucario, an evil Dragonair, and everyone's favorite idiot: Ash Ketchum. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
    Genre: Romance/Friendship/Parody/Drama/Angst/Comedy/everything-but-the-kitchen-sink
    Rating: G—PG-13
    Status: One-shot ~ In Progress

    River Styx
    PMD/Harry Potter crossover, post OOtP. As the mystery dungeons' wards threaten to consume the land and eldritch gods prepare to destroy mortality for good, it will be up to one amnesiac Houndour to discover the key to averting this threat, with only a name - Sirius - to set him on his path.
    Genre: Supernatural/Adventure
    Rating: PG-14
    Status: Chaptered Fic ~ In Progress

    Future Stories: Oh, there are so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I could work on @_@; For simplicity's sake I've listed the ones that I'd really like to write, although due to IRL time constraints, and the fact that BF eats up most of my spare time, the chances of my actually working on them are small. So I'm not making any promises, aside from TTW.

    Thicker Than Water (working title)
    The sequel to BF, already in vague planning stages. Between dealing with a suspicious letter, the threat of a new evil team, and the Cobalts' unrelenting control over the Leagues, Leaf makes a horrifying discovery that might just unhinge her faith and sanity completely. Throw in a runaway's even-worse-than-imagined homecoming, together with an ambitious young Poke-biologist's almost inevitable fiasco of a project, and the resulting tension is almost enough to make everyone forget that Apolydon never stops scheming.
    Genre: Adventure

    Shades of Blue (side story/prequel to BF)
    Abandoned by his trainer, a newly evolved Marshtomp finds himself in an unfamiliar region and a state of heartbroken despair. But he'll need to keep his head, because Team Rocket seems altogether too interested in him ...
    Genre: Angst/Pokemon POV

    The Code (side story/prequel to BF)
    When Cheri and her honor-bound tribe find themselves on the brink of war with a sleazy gang of Butterfree, she is torn between loyalty to her species and an unlikely friendship. With the arrival of a third party, however, her choice was suddenly made for her.
    Genre: Pokemon POV

    Liphe at the Phunny Pharm (side story to BF)
    The world as seen through the eyes of Phlash Phryer, the psychotic Phrygoil, who may be crazier than even Cobalt anticipated.
    Genre: Comedy/Pokemon POV

    Can't Spell Strangely Without Angel (side story to BF)
    Rinka never asked for any of this. She never asked to be an angel, and she definitely never asked to be Fystor's apprentice. But now here she is, stuck in Orre, with two other confused angels under Fystor's wing, on a rip-roaring quest to eliminate the Shadows. And her home in Snowpoint is thousands of miles away. Gosh, Dad's not going to be very happy about this ...
    Genre: Supernatural/Pokemon POV

    For Time and Eternity
    For as long as anyone can remember, the League has ruled the region with an iron fist. Now, only the man at the top of Sinnoh's Most Wanted list can make a stand.
    Genre: AU/Sci-Fi

    Explorers of Depravity
    Rescues? Treasures? Ha! Keeping hold of your soul and sanity is hard enough. With a friend like him, who needs the devil?
    Genre: Horror/Pokemon POV

    Dead Ends
    Nine humans and four Pokemon race to find the exit of a deathtrap-ridden maze of rooms. Only one will be permitted to survive.
    Genre: Horror/Thriller

    Of Fallen Stars and Crystal Hearts
    Nobody said being an eldritch abomination would be easy.
    Genre: Sci-Fi/Comedy

    ... Long list is long. XP

    Writing Tips: Never give up. (Never let down, never run around and desert~) But seriously, telling yourself you can't write it won't help anything. Ditching a story halfway through will frustrate not only you, but readers who were genuinely interested in it as well. Work on ways to improve yourself instead: proofread more than once, take constructive criticism to heart, et cetera.

    Oh, and be careful about how you describe. Too little description gives readers a sketchy idea of what's going on, at best. Too much, on the other hand, is purple prose that will bore most people to death and leave any survivors wondering why on earth you're doing this to them. Find a happy medium that can both keep the story moving at a good pace and sets the scene.

    And to the noobs who merely think they can write: fanfics =/= roleplaying. Srsly guys.

    Last word? For good examples of writing, don't read Twilight. It just doesn't work.
    Last edited by SugarPesticide; 22nd February 2011 at 3:29 AM.
    FF.Net profile | Project Valentine | Hexachromalurgy | Fizzy Bubbles

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    Cyber's PC
    Credit to PikaPal_Lyra for the Banner

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    Name: Zadros, Zad

    Age: Eighteen

    Types Of Writing: Umm, I like writing sci-fi, action, mystery and that sort of thing. Something fast-paced is fun to write. I like mysteries because you can have so much fun with suspense and red herrings, meanwhile still having the action going on.

    Strong Areas: I wouldn't be the best person to ask.

    Type Of Characters: My favourite characters to write are probably the underdogs and the cynics. People with strong motivations, or maybe motivations that are less common for variety. I try to 'meet' them before writing them, in my head to try and work out how they would react to certain situations.

    Current Stories:

    The Ripple Effect

    With so many consequences in this world, we can never know exactly what events catalyzed each one of them. Or how they will ultimately all cross paths.

    My original chaptered fic I've been working on for quite some time and have finally posted, yay =)

    Future Stories:
    I don't think I have any brewing at the moment.

    Writing Tips:
    Don't spend two years planning before you start writing XD Yeah, that's a personal experience.
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