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Thread: Author's Profile V.3

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    Name: Llama_Guy, alias Llama, Llamadude, or just Espen (my real name)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy, Action, Adventure (yay...)

    Strong Areas: Don't think I have any exceptionally strong points. Vocabulary maybe? >_>

    Type Of Characters: No special preferences. Though I usually prefer my main characters to be female.

    Current Stories: None (discontinued V for the World)

    Future Stories:

    V Champ (working title)
    Trainer fic. Vecura is the daughter of the Elite Four Champion, with all the expectations that follows. She's waited until the age 13 before setting out due to never living up to them. Now she needs to face the Sinnoh gyms and League to live up to these expectancies. But will she? And there are other things to worry about as well, from boys to strange, malevolent... strangers. Currently writing but not posted.
    Action/Adventure/Romance; PG-13

    Unnamed story
    Fantasy epic. Check here for details.
    Fantasy/Action/Adventure; PG-13

    Writing Tips:
    - Read the good writers' fics. Study how they structure and describe, learn from this and becoem a better writer this way.
    - Don't force yourself to write. It takes away much of the fun, and can also ruin the story.
    - Take heed from reviews. Don't let overly negative reviews destroy your motivation. Take their advice, improve if you can, and become a better writer for tomorrow. But also remember to not blindly follow what your reviewers say. Heed their advice, but still write like you want to.

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    Name: Kabutopzilla (or KZilla, KZ, Zilla, and/or Zil for short)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy, particularly science fiction, often with dark and frightening ties here and there.

    Strong Areas: Plot. Most definitely plot. My special ability is to take even the simplest of premises for a story, then bending them to be creative and original. I can also be epic with dialogue when I really want to be.

    Weak Areas: Description and character development. Moreso description; I often end up using bare bones description, particularly when I assume the reader knows everything I'm talking about (like when I'm writing for a fandom). I'm not good at character development in most fics I write, but in many, such as my Metroid fanfics, every character has a personality and is fleshed out quite well.

    Type Of Characters: It honestly depends on the fic I'm writing. In Metroid fanfics, either Samus or Ridley would be the main character. Samus is often the one-woman-band who doesn't enjoy friendly company, and is often ready to take on any fight while keeping a somewhat sassy attitude. Ridley is often portrayed in my fics as a British dude who is off and on insane; at times, he is friendly and gentle. Others, he is a homicidal maniac that will stop at nothing to finish his goal.

    Current Stories: Most stories I've written aren't on here. I've only finished one fanfic, and others are in progress.

    Completed: Halo vs. Metroid: The Great Journey

    Summary: The Prophets couldn't finish what they started, so now Phantoon is going to. Samus must team up with Ridley, who is portrayed as an anti-hero in this fic, along with a long-lost hero found on a raided frigate, to stop the evil forces of Phantoon and his army of rebels. This is the first of a trilogy.

    Genre: Sci-Fi and Adventure

    Rated PG-13 for violence only slightly over the top of what a PG rating could handle. There are no obscene swears, or even any swears at all until a few weak ones at the end.

    In Progress: Metroid Dread


    Summary: This story takes place a few days directly after the events of the real Metroid game that came out in 2002 known as Metroid Fusion. Since Metroid Fusion was set to be the final game to end the Metroid timeline so far, this fic could be the true end to the Metroid series. (not really, but you know what I mean) Sylux, a mysterious murderous bounty hunter whom shares a burning hatred towards the Galactic Federation and Samus Aran, was captured while he attempted a one-man raid. He was thrown in the most heavily guarded prison on Daiban, the main political checkpoint of the Galactic Federation. A few days later, Vogl, chairman of the Federation, made a speech declaring that a golden age of peace was on the horizon and that the Space Pirates were no more. A rival bounty hunter to Sylux, Trace, a Kriken, pulls an assassination attempt on Vogl and fails. Ultimately, the disaster leads to the escape of Sylux and Trace. The previous acts on the B.S.L. Station merely days ago (the events in Metroid Fusion) attracted negative attention from the Federation to Samus. And now, Samus is being tracked by the Federation to be killed off for the "bad deeds" she committed on B.S.L. After a few unexpected events, Samus ends up on a strange ice-cold planet in an old, rusty base apparently called Settlement Zero. The worst part? There are Metroids there. And the Space Pirates also want Samus, but for reasons far different from the G. Feds'. How will this turn out? Read my fanfic Metroid Dread to find out!

    Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure with a few touches of mystery.

    Rated PG-13 for intense violence, mild blood and insect gore, and strong swearing (but only enough to warrant a PG-13 rating).

    Discontinued at this forum: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Survivors of Tyurma Falls

    Future Stories:

    -Batman 3 (name pending)
    -Halo vs. Metroid 2: The Sacred Planet
    -The Locusts (name pending)
    -and more
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    Name: I go by Shadow Lucario

    Age (optional): 16

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: I started out writing a Journey fic, but transitioned over to an Academy fic. I actually don't have a favorite.

    Strong Areas: Characters is probably my strongest point. I am able to create a colorful cast of characters, all with different personalities, faults, strengths, and etc. I also think I am good at coming up with story events.

    Type Of Characters: I like writing about the cocky, arrogant types. With them there is so much character development needed. That is when you get your chisel and start hammering away at them.

    Current Stories:

    Which side will you choose?

    Future Stories: Pokemon Academy: Divine Insanity, Pokemon Academy: The Black Chaos, Pokemon Academy: Fifth Hope

    Writing Tips (Optional): Stick with your story no matter what. Don't trash it because one person doesn't like it. Take it slow and make sure you have corrected all the spelling and grammar errors. A beta can help with this.
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    Credit goes to MagicMochi. Check out their shop.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder
    While it is very reminiscent of a lot of journey trainer fics, it held my attention. It stands out among a lot of the other fics I've read lately and I'm excited to continue the story.

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    Name: C.Gholy -- Chloe

    Age (optional): 16 going on 17.~

    Gender (optional): Female/

    Types Of Writing: Romance, comedy, Action, Horror and action though I like to mix genres up a lot and I'm always tempted for a crossover.

    Strong Areas: Well I've been told I'm innovative and creative. I always try to write something new and give something refreshing. Grammar is unpredictable but I hope it can be consistent.

    Type Of Characters: I don't mind, I'm willing to write about anything.

    Current Stories: Too many to list.
    FF Page
    My main priorities at the moment are By The Whip, Graceful Butterflies, St. Manga School, Grave's Stage and Weird Instant Messages.

    Future Stories:
    Just the way you are. - Eevee and Skitty centric fic.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Write what you want and when you want to. Do your best and always aim to get better. Always thanks critiques and reviewers even if you think their review is crap because they took the time to read and comment on your work.
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    Name: Jason-Kun, Jason

    Age (optional): 16

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Action, adventure, fantasy, and romance either separate or various combinations of the four.

    Strong Areas: The creation of different characters and worlds mostly. Those are the things I enjoy most.

    Type Of Characters: Characters who need to grow up and learn something in life. Mostly I go for the rather shy ones though.

    Current Stories: None as of right now.

    Future Stories: Subtressestrail ((Working Title))- What happens when entrances Sinnoh's underground system of tunnels caves in. Six young teens are trapped within, with air supplies quickly running out and only their Pokémon to protect them. May or may not end up multichaptered.

    Banner Credit to Flame Mistress

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    Name: chosen_one...or you can call me by my real name: Katie

    Age: 17

    Gender: How many guys do you think have the name Katie? I'm a girl, duh.

    Types of writing: combine every element, but focus on supernatural, action, adventure, and suspense.

    Strong Areas: Killing off characters (don't laugh, I'm pretty good at doing that), creating major plot twists and turns.

    Type of Characters: Characters who must lose their family and be thrown into life altering situations before they learn why they must cherish life.

    Current Stories: Aftermath. - centric on legendaries, angels, and demons. Sequel to The Beginning of the War, Legends of the Past, The Powers of Land, Sea, and Sky, The Powers of Time and Space, and The Last Battle, but you don't have to read any of them to understand Aftermath.

    Future Stories: Shadow and Light - sequel to Aftermath - contains long time jump. Still centric on legendaries, angels, and demons. Can't reveal much about it, because its center plot focuses on something revealed at the end of Aftermath.

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    Name: Serebii name- Aura Master- AM- Real Life Name: Cameron.

    Age (optional): 13

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: I like to write Adventure, maybe some Fantasy. But with all storys that come with me need a little Romance.

    Strong Areas: I don't have any strong areas. But sometimes I can get good despription. Or I give my character thoughts that can be descriptive.

    Type Of Characters: The kind of person that has a lot of troubles. Generally an unlucky person.

    Current Stories: None.

    Future Stories: Thinking about one or two: If you see this profile and wanna help me pick

    -LeafGreen Adventures-

    A boy, Lucas, has decided to Journey the Kanto region. He starts with a baby Squirtle that cant even attack. Lucas goes around challenging the gyms and the League. Or thats what he wants. Two years ago, The evil organanization, Team Rocket, ran around Kanto terrorizing the cities with mild things. But, there are now long gone and a new Organization has stepped up to the plate. They plan the take over Kanto with more complicated plans than any other. Lucas, in Mt. Moon after defeating the Pewter gym, gets involved. Soon him and his friends join a rebellion to defeat them. Though, he will also challenge the gyms, hoping he dosen't face them. But soon realizes he will be in the biggest war of Kanto. This is will be Pokemon: Leafgreen with Plot twists.

    Coming Sometime in June/July. Possibly

    -Fight On!-

    Kanto has alot of accesories, like the Pokemon League and the Gyms. But, in Saffron City, home to the Psychic gym, there is a fighting dojo where trainers can test their fighting Pokemon's strength and just train.

    One of trainee's of the mini gym is Lucas. Lucas's father is the master of the dojo and is running low on Pokemon for new trainees. He wants to send Lucas to help capture new Pokemon as he is too busy and his son wants to embark on a adventure like most teenagers. Lucas and his father make a decision. If Lucas's father would let him travel Kanto and enter the Pokemon League, Lucas would capture fighting Pokemon and send them to his father at the Dojo.

    So Lucas embarks on his journey signing up for the Pokemon League in Pallet town and decides to start there. On his journey, he will not only catch Pokemon for his father but he will also catch Pokemon for himself. He will meet new friends and enemy's. He wants to challenge the league and come home with a arsenal of strong Pokemon.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Do not rush. Rushing to get my first chapter in has eaten me. What I wrote in 4 hours is horrible in what I can do in a week; 1 hour a day. Also, proofread your work. You might want to add in more description and look carefully for blank spots.
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    Name: Jack. Just Jack. I don't mind stuff like PB Jack or PBJ, but every time I see those, I think of a sandwich. >.<

    Age: 17

    Gender: I'm a dude, for all of you wondering.

    Types Of Writing: Action, Tragedy, Romance, and Suspense.

    Strong Areas: I honestly don't know. People like my plot, and I like my characters, so I can't say for certain.

    Type Of Characters: Hmm. I don't use a single type of character. In my fic, my protagonist is a quiet, laid back teen named Jack. Certain attributes were taken from my personality, while others were added to make him his own person. Of my supporting characters, I have quite a few personalities. Megan is a cheerful, slightly shy, imaginative girl. Mike is outgoing, loves attention, and is full of energy. Xavier is a solemn, serious teen with a dark past.

    I also have adapted personalities for many canon characters. I use Flint, portrayed as one of the top ranked trainers in Sinnoh. His personality is fiery and cool, always comical, yet able to become serious in tense situations. Volkner is also one of the top ranked trainers in Sinnoh. He deeply regrets many of his past choices and wishes to make ammends. He appears confident in battle, yet he always doubts himself when dealing with people.

    Current Stories: I came to SPPf to write one story, and I will only write one story for SPPf. My work is titled Pokemon Crusade, and the link is in my sig.

    Pokemon Crusade is dark, with much tragedy and loss. It follows Jack, the nephew of Lt. Surge and son of the Lt's brother Elliot. Jack, age sixteen, runs away from home with his Elekid, Static, in hopes of escaping his father's strict rules. He escapes from Violet, Johto, to Pallet, Kanto. After a startling encounter on the ferry, Jack soon becomes involved with something much bigger than he could have imagined. Things only get worse after he meets a girl his age and receives a Shining Charmander as his starter.

    Jack, Megan, and their pokemon get immersed in a struggle between two unknown powers. What was once a normal journey will soon turn into a plot that not only threatens their lives, but the entire planet.

    Part One, titled, Rebirth of Terror, deals with Jack's entrapment in the epic struggle of good versus evil. Part Two, titled, Scourge of Ragnarok, continues three years after the events of Part One, with Kanto and Johto laying in ruins. The Crusaders, a secret organization formed to combat a team of men bent on world domination, must travel to Sinnoh and put an end to the evil mens' plot once and for all.

    The story relates to the events of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. While it isn't necessary to have played the games, it is easier to understand where the plot is going if you know the endings to these games.

    Pokemon Crusade will be thirty chapters long when finished. It is rated PG-13 for violence, language, and a few thematic elements.

    Future Stories: I won't be writing any other full length stories, but I would like to write a few one-shots pertaining to my fic.


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    Default TurtwigFan1's Profile

    Hi, here's my profile!

    Name: TurtwigFan1, Turty or TF1. Call me TurtwigFan1 if you don't know me and if we become friends then you can call me Turty of TF1.

    Age: 13. Not very experienced!


    Types Of Writing: I like to write OT, with some aspects of action with a lot of romance.

    Strong Areas: Well my grammar is almost always impeccable, so that's one of my strong points. My description is quite good, as is my plot and character development.

    Type Of Characters:
    I love writing bi***y antagonists with a secret past. And no that is not a hint to my current fic, Black Rose.

    Current Stories:

    Black Rose (PG-13)

    Basically it's a story about two teenagers embarking on a journey through Sinnoh. However, they come across two huge obstacles. One is a growing team of black-cloaked figures and the other is beautiful romance.

    OT/Romance, I'd say.

    Future Stories: I've entered the Heart and Soul one-shot contest, so that's currently taking centre stage, in front of Black Rose.

    Writing Tips: Well the first thing is that if you get a good idea in your head, write it down and start working on it. Follow your plot idea, but always think it through. When writing, make sure your plot, characters and description are good as well as your grammar. With all that in mind, you can make a great story!

    There it is!

    ~TurtwigFan1 -
    nothing lasts forever, but this is getting good now.
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    Hi im sorta a newbie to writing

    Name: Shaymin_Girl, Shay, SG

    Age: 11. Noob

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: Action, Adventure and Violence

    Strong Areas: My grammer is pretty good. And i never get writers block.

    Type Of Characters: I like characters who are easy to understand and have a good back story.

    Current Stories: NONE(doing some soon)

    Future Stories:

    A Pichu goes blind and her friends try to help here solve the mystery

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Heaven Exploration-
    A girl has been transformed into a Eevee. Darkrai wants to corrupt her soul...who's side does she turn to?

    Pokemon Darkrai Of Doom-
    A story that has my 2 teams

    Writing Tips: Always write about what you like never try to please people with something you don't know
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    Default Concept

    Name: Concept

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy mainly. Not high fantasy, as in epic quests to save the world, but set in worlds where the rules are obviously fundamentally different from ours, allowing magic and the like. I also write the occasional real-worldesque things.

    Strong Areas: I’m a fountain of ideas: my mind races between topics on the most tentative of links and so makes connections between things, which often turn into an idea.

    Type Of Characters: The sympathetic antagonist. He’s the bad guy who isn’t truly bad, just at cross-purposes with the protagonist.

    Current Stories: My main project at the moment is a one shot taking place at the Silver Conference, entitled "The Stuff of Champions". I've also got a trainer fic I'll hopefully start to post soon.

    Future Stories: Loads of ideas buzzing around my head.

    The main idea I have at the moment involves what is essentially a small group of terrorists (although doubtless they'd prefer other terms). In this AU, pokemon trainers tend to be the exclusive to the middle and upper classes, and your average working class person is never going to have that opportunity. Pokemon battles are also quite a bit less "tame" than in the anime; a quick trip to Nurse Joy isn't going to suddenly cure all your pokemons problems. The group is made up of people who want change; perhaps they disagree with the treatment of pokemon, or perhaps they disagree with the class divide caused by those with trainers licenses and those without.

    I have the main character, concept and a fair bit of the plot sorted for another idea. In this AU, pokemon fighting across most of the first world countries is an underground sport, much like ****-fighting only more popular. The main character and several other members of the cast are heavily involved in this blood sport.

    Toying with the idea of writing a writing a journey fic. Very little in the way of details yet, I'm toying with various settings, characters and plot bunnies to see what I come up with.

    Another fic idea based around the war that resulted in the departure of Ho-oh from Ecruteak. Again, very few details have been worked out as of yet, I'm not actively working on it.

    What a Wonderful World: A pokemon fanfic. I adopted the initial idea from Blackjack Gabbiani in the idea adoption thread. A group of Galactic grunts meet each other and realise they know each other intimately. As the story progresses, they realise why; this isn't the original world, it's a new one, created by Cyrus. However, all is not perfect; can the grunts stop Cyrus from once again destroying the world as they know it? Do they even want to?

    And a few others with so far minimal development.
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    Name: KingRaichu, KR is fine..
    Age (optional): 16

    Gender (optional): male...

    Types Of Writing: I write fantasy most often. i enjoy it most of all...if i want to see life...I go outside...

    Strong Areas: I enjoy descriptions most of all...I've gotten good at building dramatic tension in a scene

    Type Of Characters: The kinds of antagonists that are not just plain evil, but are absolutely nuts. Those are fun to pull off. Muahahahahahahaha *cough*

    Current Stories: None posted here...

    Future Stories: A horror-thriller about ghosts...sort of...

    This is Denna
    Of boundless appetite
    And some other things
    but mostly the first one

    credit to Team_Magma93

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    Name: LinksOcarina

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Adventure, Fantasy, OT Journeys, some Thriller

    Strong Areas: Character development and plot pacing.

    Type Of Characters: I like layered characters, ones that are not in that realm of being pigeon-holed in some way, but rather have characteristics that can be good and bad.

    Current Stories: The Journey. My obsessions as it should be called, as ive been writing it since 2005-2006. It's an OT Journey Fic involving two budding teenagers that, unbeknown to them, get swept into something bigger then themselves, and they need to grow up a bit to survive this.

    Future Stories: None planned. Although The Journey will be in many parts.

    Writing Tips (Optional):Never give up writing. I have been doing the same story for a few years, and as long as people keep reading it, I will keep writing it.
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    The Journey (Rated R)

    A pokemon adventure that will take you on a journey through the lives of budding trainers.

    3DS friend code: 2981-6128-1202

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    Name: Dragon user X, although I also answer to Sparkles or SD.

    Age: Not telling :P

    Gender: Same as above.

    Types Of Writing: I like to write psychological stories. I depart from the norm and take risks such as giving Team Galactic submachine-guns or turning Sinnoh into a feudal state

    Strong Areas: I can't really say. I like to think I'm good at character interaction and development.

    Type Of Characters: As said before, I depart from the norm. I write characters that are different from those seen in many OT fics. One is paranoid, bordering on panophobic. Another (two characters, really, although they're so close I can hardly tell them apart) is a pair of twins who are really close. I also like writing about bad guys. Cyrus ftw!

    Current Stories: Torn. Give Team Galactic guns and make Cyrus try to create his new world. Chaos and genocide ensue.

    Future Stories: Shattered, an OT fic with a twist. What's the twist? There's not one OT, but two. Throw in a millenia-old legend, and you've got a wild ride you won't want to miss.

    Writing Tips: Well, I can't say much. Just write naturally. If your writing feels forced, take a break. Go for a walk or something. Writing when you don't feel like writing = low quality fanfiction.

    Be safe, think positive, and don't eat yellow snow!
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    It's short for Misheard Whisper. I'm just stuck this way till the next name change thread.

    Chapter 5 is out!

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    Talking Author Profile: Eon Master

    Name: Eon Master, Eon, Nick(real name). Also, if you know me from, feel free to call me Doom or Harbinger of Houndoom.

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Types of Writing: Pokemon POV, Drama, Emotional pieces.

    Strong Areas: Discription, Portryal of emotions (I think), and cliffhangers.

    Types of Characters: Vengeful, with good intentions (sort of like Sasuke from Naruto), Hot-tempered and impulsive leaders, hateful and bitter characters. I can also write other types, but goofy, comedic characters are tough for me.

    Current Stories: Journey of a Guardian: Expansion on the idea of aura guardians, presented in Movie 8, Sets up a lot of things that happen in the anime, expands of the power of aura and the role of an aura guardian. Remake Possible, but not soon. As my first fanfic, it's understandably poor.

    Opal's Shadow: Vessels of the Legends: Ash disappeared almost 7 years ago, and no one knows his wearabouts. May loses a contest to a mysterious, unknown co-ordinater with incredible skills. The story of the tragedy that tore apart Ash's life quickly unfolds, and a legendary battle ensues. In the Shipping Fics Section.

    Seperate Paths, Same Goal: In the world of Pokemon, Team Rocket reigns supreme, capturing and killing Pokemon as they please throughout the regions. Bolt, a regular Eevee, and his companions, strive to destroy this evil network. The one problem is, each of them has a different way of how they acchive their collective goal, and this may be the thing that dooms them to failure. A Pokemon POV fic, with many OC's. Unfortunately, this fic won't be finished. It's poorly written, and I don't see any reason to continue writing it. If I work up the motivation, I might do a remake, but I have enough on my plate to deal with at the moment.

    A New Truth: Falling to Pieces: Dusk is the son of an Eon clan leader, and he's next in line to take over the clan. He's bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready to change his clan's ways and make them better as a whole. However, when a long lost friend shows up as a traitor, he's forced to question everything he once believed in and held to be sacred. For him, and for his friend Solace, nothing will ever be the same. My first fanfic to be posted both here and on

    Writing Tips: Just stick to your style. If it doesn't sound like you're the one writing, try something else. Also, have fun with your work. If you don't like what you've written, chances are no one else will either.
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    Name: Shadow XD001 , Shadow
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Types of Writing: Adventure, Action, Romance
    Strong Areas: Not much. ^_^;
    Types of characters: Non-cliche
    Future Stories:
    Another Rose Lost to the Sky, a better version of Matt's Kanto Adventure! (most of the characters are the same, though. (I need beta to finish beating this))
    Writing tips: Write how feel and do your best! Don't forget to listen to the (helpful) advice given to you!
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    Name: Manaphyman, (Everyone calls me MM though)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: OT, Journey, Adventure, Drama, War, Religous.

    Strong Areas: My plot is by far my best asset, with a plethora of twists and turns, as well as being developed and executed well. With the help of duncan, I have been able to fine tune and advance my description skills, which have become a reasonable strong asset. My vocabulary is relatively decent as well.

    Type Of Characters: My characters are intresting, to say the least. I currently have too many, something I am working hard to remedy. Other than that though, my characters are easy going and straightfoward. They are the very embodiment of standard teenagers, the swearing, laziness, ect and so forth. Each, however, has to deal with their inner demons; Lindsey with the death of her father and her timidness as a result, John with the death of his grandfather, his resentment towards his mission and his swelling hatred as a result of his loss; Mike with the death of his grandfather and with living in John's shadow; George and Joey with being neglected, shafted, and sidlined.

    Current Stories:

    The Sevii Islands Saga

    As five teens finally begin their Pokemon journey, the world slowly begins to implode, masterminded by a force rooted within their very family. As they try to balance both the impending war and their own gym and contest challenges, the Sevii Islands, and the world, will never be the same again.

    Status- In Hiatus, currently awaiting Thanksgiving Weekend for the next chapter

    The Gospel of Emmanuel

    Initially a One Shot, the Gospel of Emmanuel chronicles the birth, life, death, and ressurection of Emmanuel Broddrick, the son of God. The story is modeled heavily off the Catholic Gospels, and carries strong religious undertones.

    Status- In Progress

    Past Stories:

    Four Island High

    Before the start of his journey, John struggles with the grief and mystery surrouding his grandfather's death. Friendships and backstories galor, anyone reading the Sevii Islands Saga should read Four Island High.

    Status- Completed (One-shot)

    The Sevii Islands Saga: The Price of Freedom

    An ancester of John, Vincent has enlisted in the glorious Sevii Islands Army, fighting for freedom against the opressive Kantoiean regime. The struggle culminates in a final battle on Four Island, which will determine the nations's soverignety.

    Status- Completed (One-shot)

    O Come O Come Emmanuel

    Long has it been told that a savior would come to liberate the Sevii people from the horrific Kanto-Johto Empire, and even rumored to save the world from death. This is the story of his birth and beginning, and of the world that begs for his coming.

    Status- Completed (One-Shot)

    Future Stories:

    Nightfall: The sequel to the Sevii Islands Saga. No details released yet.

    Legacy: The interquel between Nightfall and the final installment of the trilogy. No details released yet.

    *Final Installment*- Name pending.

    Writing Tips: Way too lazy.
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    Latest Chapter- 5: Don't Pressure Us

    Chapter 6: Up All Night Current Status- First Draft in Progress.
        Spoiler:- Review Policy and Image Credit:

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    Name: JammyU, though almost everywhere else I go by Zan.

    Age: 17.

    Gender: Male.

    Types Of Writing: My favourites to read are fantasy and SciFi so it's no wonder that that's what I normally end up writing.

    Strong Areas: Apparently, I'm good at humour, but I enjoy description even though it's not exactly my strong point.

    Type Of Characters: I love writing for the comedy-relief style characters and for some reason the gloomy, depressed characters. 0.o

    Current Stories:
    I've only got one going at the moment-

    The son of a Mareep herder, a mysterious young man from across the seas and a would-be revolutionary with far too much time on her hands set out with missions of their own in the tempestuous world that is the Cuaro region. Will their paths ever cross? Will their hopes ever come to fruition? What do events from hundreds of years ago and even the dawn of time have to do with all this? Find the answers to these questions and many others (like, what the hell is a Granico?) in this original-region mystery adventure.
    The scales have been tipped, but who decides which way they fall?

    Here's an ad I wrote for it too,
        Spoiler:- Pokemon Equilibria; The TV Ad.:

    Future Stories: I'm thinking of a prequel for Equilibria based on on of the main character's early life and travels.

    Writing Tips: If at first you don't succeed... I suggest you don't try skydiving, but seriously, don't give up, that's the best advice I can give. Too many people have had their fics ripped apart by harsh criticism and given up on the spot when they could have been great writers with enough practice. What I'm trying to say is if you don't believe in yourself, nobody will.
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    Current Moon Team:
    | Archimedes the Decidueye | Tesla the Vikavolt | King Louie the Oranguru | Kyoshi the Golisopod | Jadis the Alolan Sandslash | Cinnabar the Alolan Marowak |

    Palaeontologist and proud.

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    Name: Pseudo Lovely, Kat

    Age: Soon to be 17 (Sept.)

    Gender: Female

    Types of writing: I love to do romance, realistic fiction, and drama. Of course comedy is mixed in usually. :b Occasional fantasy as well (though usually it's mixed in).

    Strong areas: Um, I guess I'm good at coming up with characters and plots. =]

    Type of characters: I like doing mysterious characters, angst characters (if I can pull both off) and I guess you could say cute characters? lol sometimes even based off my friends. (usually it's not opposed) =] and just regular people o.o

    Currant Stories: Sadly, I have none because my computer died. x.x

    Future Stories: Well, I have a couple ideas floating around in my head, but I have no place to really type out my ideas and such because I now lack a computer (this one I'm on isn't mine). Hopefully though, I'll be writing soon.

    Writing Tips: Write when you feel inspired and don't give up just because you get criticized (harshly). And don't forget about your story. Jot down any ideas you may have. That's about it really. ^^

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    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy or just stories about regular people. Sometimes comedy and romance can be fun to write, just to mix things up.

    Strong Areas: Ideas and plots. I've been told I'm pretty creative.

    Type Of Characters: I like to write about ordinary people. I usually base my characters on friends, family members or just interesting people I have come across in my life.

    Future Stories: More fanfic and I want to start writing some short stories.

    Writing Tips: Brainstorming is very important. Get a piece of paper and write everything that comes to mind. For every good idea I get there are at least twenty bad ones. Just keep thinking. Once you have a good idea, everything starts to come easy after that.

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    Name: lugia*master (if it was your real name, then I prefer to keep that confidential. Sorry >.<)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Note: I'm actually dyslexic, so although I'm very thorough in my writing, there are some things which I do fail to catch and edit. So if you find anything that needs changing, please tell me ^^

    Types Of Writing: I love to write horror stuff. I'm actually pretty good at it, not to be boastful, but it's not often I write a really good horror fic. By horror, I mean gore, blood, scares, that type of thing (hence my current fic, Final Destination 5). Also, I love murder mysteries. Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, really huge idols for me. Especially Agatha Christie. I'm not very good at comedy, except the odd snide, sarcastic comment. (I'm all humor in real life, but I find you have to change teh story to humor's will, when writing. It's not one of my best areas.)

    Strong Areas: Description. God, don't we all love it? I could just sit there, one day, and describe on great, big, creepy mansion, inside and out. I love mansions, but I like describing other things too; characters; places; towns, cities; tastes, sense-related things. Action. I like writing action scenes, because I personally think I have a natural flare to merge with a story and get it going, when I'm really in the mood.

    Weak Areas: Humor, in real life I'm a bucket of laughs - and then some. But in stories, as I said ^ up there, I find you have to change certain parts to fit humorous areas in, and then it loooks silly - but then, there are times when I just get an idea that fits, that is funny as well. Also, romance. Never, will I attempt, and get anywhere near succeeding when writing romance. It's just, hypothetically speaking, not my cup of tea. (I don't drink Tea, or Coffee for that matter.)

    Future Stories: Well, my current story (Final Destination 5) has actually been completed, but I recently revamped the chapters up and have posted it in the Non-Pokemon fics section. I have 2 sequels in store for it (yes, as it happens, they are coincidentally named Final Destination 6 and Final Destination 7), because this general genre is my strong point. I'm quite good at psychological thrillers because, well... when you have a psychological degree, you know what sends chills up the spines of others.

    Writing Tips:

    1. Constructing a plot. Always start with a good solid idea. I think the easiest way, is to work out how you want the story to end, and then working around it is easiest. Then you don't have to go back and edit, which makes other readers have to go back and re-read and-- it's all really complicated, and it doesn't want to be messed with.

    2. Character building. I often find that a person's fashion sense may reveal a part of that person's personality. Also, a person's nature must be synchronised with what actions they perform, and, as a result, the type of things they say, and what role they might have in a story.

    Types Of Characters: I love writing characters that are, generally good hearted, but slightly on the 'doofus' side. I think it's great, because, they're always so adorably naiive, yet they get a knack and save the day at the end. I also have a soft spot for really smart characters. I'm a super - smart-arse - psychologisty - weirdo, obsessed... weirdo about people like that. *People back away*. Yeah, I though they'd do that.

    Current Stories:

    Final Destination 5. Well, actually, I've completed it, and I'm writing the sequel Final Destination 6. It's just that I've only just posted it here on this site. If you want to see the complete version of 5 and the first chapter of 6, then just pop over to FanFiction.Net. My account name is DI Doctor Who (don't ask :/)
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    The eye of the storm, centre of the all rage;
    How come to thee, the endless die'd light...

    P.S. Yami Ryu, if you're reading this, I'd just like to tell you that you have the same birthday as The Queen! ;D

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    Name: renayuki, Rena

    Age (optional): Doncha know you should never ask a woman her age? Kidding, 15

    Gender (optional): Duh, female (As stated from above)

    Types Of Writing: Humor, Adventure, maybe Romance, never attempted.

    Strong Areas: I can ruin a tense moment with witty banter, getting ideas for the plot, describing actions and the scene, I guess.

    Weak Areas: I make really cheesy scenes, I stink at describing characters as the story goes on, bad titles, and I guess flow in general.

    Type Of Characters: Funny, upbeat characters. I also have a soft spot for the underdog and the anti-hero.

    Current Stories:
    Team Braveheart : A New Beginning
    It's been a year since Bridget the Human Pokemon disappeared. Her partner, Terran, and her team has sort of moved on and now a Gold-Ranked exploration team. When Dialga sends for them to Palkia for them to travel to a different world to find Bridget, the reason being that only the two can fix the rip caused by the time traveling, they risk their memories and real form to find her, who might either be Pokemon or Human. However, the power used was so powerful that it overflowed and Darkrai uses this to bring the Grovyle from the future to this world as well.

    Future Stories: Team Braeheart: The Prequel
    A Chimchar washes up onto the shore and Terran the Pichu, self-nicknamed Leofric, finds her after being embarrassingly rejected by Team Skull. After retrieving the Chimchar's special pendant, they form a team to explore the world.
    (and that's all I can think of)

    Writing Tips (Optional): I dunno, try to set aside at least five minutes at a time to imagine your story as a show - it'll help you know what you wanna write and you can focus more on description that way. (just make sure you memorize them or write them down)
    My webby for fanfics! Also has pokemon OC info!

    Pi pi ka pikachu pipi ka Chaa~
    "Only two things are infinite: The Universe and Human Stupidity, and I'm not sure about the Universe."

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    Name: Golden.

    Gender: Male.

    Types Of Writing: Drama. I love to write Drama. I also enjoy writing and reading about Action, Romance, and the occasional Crime fic. And I only stick to the Pokemon fandom. Haha did I say I love Drama?

    Strong Areas: My forte is grammar and spelling. I’m also pretty good with the plot development.

    Types of Characters: Tragic heroes. They are my favorite to write about by far, and I love how they can seem so perfect yet they always have one ultimate flaw that brings them down. The suffering of the hero can be so meaningful and epic to write about.

    Current Stories:

    On Pidgeot’s Wings

    ‘Soaring. On the breath of dawn. He carried me. He raised me up. He left me, but he will return one day’ Inspired by the sacred song, “On Eagles’ Wings”.


    Completed. One shot.

    The Game

    'Most of us are pawns in a game we don't understand' Eusine chases Suicune around Johto, but he isn't the only player in the game.


    In Progress. Chaptered Fan Fic.

    Future Stories: I'm still planning out ideas.
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    Name: Pepperedfox, robopup24, o_liveandlearn_o... depends on where you look, really.

    Age: 14, turning 15 in October.

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: Oooh, that's sorta tough. I'm constantly shifting between which types of writing I like, but I will probably always like those epic adventure type stories and those paranormal P.I. ones :3 I always like to mix P.I. stories with a bit of sci-fi too, if I don't want to include magical stuff.

    Strong Areas: One of my strong points, I think, are characters. My stories often begin with a character, and it usually turns out well if it's focused on the character. I like to think that I make pretty believable/likable characters.

    Type Of Characters: The somewhat cliche "I'm a regular person but I'm caught up in some bigger picture" hero xD; I can't resist making those kind of characters. Oh, and I like writing characters with glasses and who are nerds of some kind. It's a leftover habit from watching too much sci-fi shows. Hey, and I think little kids are fun to write as well.

    Current Stories: Fun fun

    XD002: The Shadow Wars
    It's been a decade since Cipher's hostile takeover of Sinnoh. Joshua Arkadi is a normal kid, living a normal life in this strange world when he accidentally sets off a chain of events that will drag him into a war he wants no part in...


    Yup, my big epic fic that I'm probably gonna fail at xD; Anyway, I'm currently working on writing at least one chapter a week. Hopefully that'll get me off my lazy bum.

    Future Stories: -Warning: Long summaries ahead-

    City of Cards: Full House
    It's been a while since a human has been seen around the planet, give or take a few hundred years. Pokemon have adapted to the mysterious disappearance of humans and have become, in a sense, secondary 'humans' by absorbing the technology and knowledge their predecessors had left behind. All the regions have been neatly inhabited by the Pokemon, and life plods on, though still stuck in the age that the humans had called the 21st century.

    Meet Luvere, the toughest P.I. you will ever find in Poketopia. For a small and reasonable fee (at least, from his point of view), he will chase away your problems. He's a Lucario, using his Aura-based skills to find anyone, and anything, you want him to find, as well as to blast away any paranormal disturbance that stands in his way.

    Still, Luvere's business is slow, and he finds it hard to find any clients until an odd Delcatty drops into his office and pleads with him to find her missing brother. Since Luvere needs the money, he accepts.

    As he sets off to find the Delcatty's brother, he realizes that there was much, much more to her story, and that if he wasn't careful, he was likely to end up killed by the mysterious murderer trailing after his client. Soon Luvere is thrown into a race against time to find the murderer and the Delcatty's brother, before it's too late.

    Bill, inventor of the Pokemon storage system, was spending a rather peaceful week with his family in Goldenrod when agents from Silph Co. find him and hire him to work on a mysterious 'Project Z.' It seems like an easy job at first: iron out little glitches here and there in a new software and then go home. Secrets are kept from Bill about Project Z, however, and everything starts to fall apart as the project itself breaks out and locks down the lab. Can Bill and his fellow scientists survive? Will they be able to escape?

    Writing Tips: Try new stuff. And be sure to always listen to the reviewer. If you're asking your friends to proofread your story, don't settle for 'It's good'. Push them and ask them what you could improve on. And be sure that when you start a story, you can finish it.

    PROGRESS: 0% (Currently Planning)
        Spoiler:- Need to kill some time?:

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