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Thread: Dressing up - Do you do it?

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    Default Dressing up - Do you do it?

    I think this is the right place but anyway does anyone use the dress-up feature at Jubilife TV. I sometimes do and it's kind of fun to come up with ideas so I was wondering if anyone does and if so post about how you do it like and what Pokémon you dress up.
    I'm going in to dress up my Shinx now. If there is already a thread like this then sorry.
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    Well, I merely do it for fun. Then I have even more fun thinking of what the Pokémon would say in real life.

    For example: I dressed up my Darkrai with tons of fluff. I imagined that Darkrai would be saying: "Do you have Gender issues or do you just like seeing me suffer?" Yeah.

    For the most part, I just dress up my team, since they usually are the ones I've had the longest.

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    I have a couple times, just for fun. Not particularly hooked on it or anything, though.
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    I do it when I get bored. I like making my big scary Pokemon look pretty. n_n
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