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Thread: The Lonely Snover (589)

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    - This episode definitely makes me appreciate Grotle a lot more!

    - That Snover is quite the little trickster, isn't it?

    - I couldn't help thinking "Aww, poor Grotle!" when he tripped trying to rescue Snover from TR.

    - When I first saw Grotle drop Snover, I was thinking "Wow, what a jerk!" But it was just so Happiny could catch him, so then i was thinking "Oh, I see why you dropped him."

    - Did any one else laugh at Chimchars expression when it was zooming into Snover near the beginning?
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    Grotle learned rock climb....I hope it learns wood hammer too

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    This episode was alright. It was cool to see a Snover for the 1st time. It was great to see Ash become so attached to the Snover. It was cool that Grotle finally learned Rock Climb. Rock Climb looks so cool in the Anime. It was interesting for Grotle to use Synthesis for the 1st time in awhile. It was great that Snover ends up getting to entertain kids and the teacher instead of being so lonely all the time. It was cool to see Cherrim for the 1st time, even though it was only a short appearance.


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