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Thread: Team for fighting Cyrus to get dialga

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    Default Team for fighting Cyrus to get dialga

    Ok so I'm at the part where I have to fight Cyrus so I can get dialga but I can't beat him his first pokemon can't remember it's name it's a bird OHKO's me almost all my pokemon. So I need to know a good team to use against him here's my current team.
    Buizel lvl.39
    Torretta lvl.36
    Staraptor lvl.40
    Bibarel lvl.32
    Ponyta lvl.37
    Medicharm lvl.37

    I need suggestions of maybe a rock or electric type I can catch without other games and much training which I can use to beat him thanks!:)

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    Just train your Pokemon more if you can't do it. You can beat the game with any Pokemon team.

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