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This episode traumatized me. Togepi evolved into a Togetic and was released. I like Togetic better than Togepi, but Misty's Togepi should've never evolved, Togepi fits Misty so well! And even more horrible is the fact that it's released... Misty should have kept it forever. I love Togepi/Togetic so much... I've grown attached to it in my youth, and then this happens... Brock was still awesome, and May's and Max's reactions when Misty pulled Brock by the ear were funny. And all those Togepi from the Paradise were so cute, while using Metronome! And Togepi/Togetic using Safeguard was really impressive! And Misty's Gyarados was also very impressive. This episode is horrible for me. It's not even that bad on it's own, but Togetic being released means I'll give this episode 1/10, it's so sad and traumatic to me... I'm thinking about this episode and I'm crying now. Not only teary eyes, but a rain of tears is coming out of me... Togetic should come back to Misty and be Misty's Pokemon for ever! When I saw this episode and the one before it for the first time, I hoped Misty would be a main character again. I didn't expect it, but I hoped it... Unfortunately, my negative expectations became reality...
You rather her carry around the sunny side up egg, then for it to be able to fly? You are right that it would have been nice for Misty to keep it but I rather it to be independent than to be dependent on Misty second after second. That was just boring.

I just wished they hadn't trolled us with the whole, (Finally when Togepi evolves, she'll release it.) Trolls!