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Thread: Candid Camerupt! (322)

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    Okay the thing that annoyed me about the start of the episode is why didn't they just get Corphish or Mudkip to squirt some water for them?

    James - Now I know what a hot dog feels like, boiled alive in its own juices

    I loved that line from James, Team Rocket have some great gags sometimes.

    Roselia was absolutely crushed in that battle haha

    Wtf in the trainer choice? How is Nuzleaf the best Pokemon to battle Camerupt? Nuzleaf is weak to fire, wtf????

    It's nice the story had a happy ending though
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    It was funny to see Ash and Co. burning up in the hot sun lol. I liked that the Winstrate father's Zigzagoon knew Thunderbolt and that the Granny's Camerupt was the strongest Pokemon.

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    The only downsides of the episode were how short and uninteresting the battles were, and how quickly Vito decided he wanted to be a Pokémon Trainer still. It was kind of random, y'know?

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