Okay, I will confess that when Jessie turned all zombie-like on them, it did kinda creep me out, and I could for once accept Jessie as a real villian.

Jessie: *acting like a zombie*I must have Surskit!

To think, all she needed was a hair makeover to make her seem like a real villian.

Anyways, I found it kinda funny that Max and Maxx got angry at eachother for having the same name. Also, I wouldn't mind if someone had the same name as me. I really wouldn't care in the end. It was no big surprise that the writers were eventually going to use a name again. I mean, you would eventually run out with different names, right?

Anyways, good ep. and pretty funny. Jessie showed her evil side for once.

I give it, 8/10.