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Thread: Pros & Con Artists! (326)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillachu View Post
    So Drew Dem'd his way to a win against Ash during Taillow versus Roselia. Meh. I didn't like how their battle turned out.
    Drew and Roselia were simply stronger than Ash and Taillow. I mean Ash barely trained Taillow at all, so it losing to a well trained Roselia was reasonable. ^^;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Igottapoo View Post
    Another stupid episode where May prepares for a contest. I really get tired of these and that's why I didn't like it.
    What was wrong with May preparing for the Fallarbor Town Contest? She had trained before but she needed extra time to perfect her appeal.

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    It was nice to meet Medicham. Grace is a strange character, she is nice but then she has her OTT moments that happen quite a lot.

    Team Rocket would have been better off just selling actual Pokeblocks, without the scam, they woulda still made money.

    I felt bad for May when she was getting upset.
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    Yaasss, I liked this episode for the fact that Ash and Drew had a battle. And I also liked it for the fact that it was another Contest episode and I like Contest episodes. Also, I liked the character of Grace. ~

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