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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonite
    I liked this episode.It was funny.I also liked it when Meowth said "Do you have any bad guy pride." and Team Rocket said "No,not a thread."I lalso liked Team Magma and Team Aqua.I lik that there real villains.Oh, and is it just me or does Commmander Shelly sound like the new Mai voice?Anyways,I give it a 8/10.
    I noticed that voice thing, too.

    Why would they name that guy Tabitha?

    I liked this episode quite a bit. It was really interesting.

    Team Rocket in the cable car as tour guides was funny. I always like seeing Teams Aqua and Magma and their rivalry. It'll be great when we get to see the team leaders in the dub.

    Professor Cozmo, Walrein, Air Cutter, and the meteorite were all cool, too.
    It was also funny at the end of the show to see Teams Aqua and Magma happy that they at least foiled eachothers plan.

    Edit: Oops, forgot to rate it... 9/10.
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