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I also think it was this trainer's choice thing is not correctly "educating" our begginer's correctly. A few weeks ago they said Seviper is the right choice to use aginst Forretress. ARE THEY EVEN PAYING ANY ATTENTION TO THE GAME!!! Poison type attacks are useless against steel-type Pokemon. And with Forretress being a steel-type, It can learn any rock attacks like Rock Slide (my personal favorite). Which means Seviper will be done dinner in just two turns.
Yes yes, we all know of that particular TC and we've all given our opinions and reasons on it.

But interesting you should mention a Move Tutor based attack. If you want to get into unnatural moves, just hand Seviper Flamethrower or Fire Blast. Also, Rock is neutral on Poison, so Rock Slide wouldn't exactly be the best choice, compared to, say, Earthquake, now would it?

Are these Trainer's Choices shown in Japan?
No, they are crafted by 4Kids for the Dubbed broadcasts. Japan uses standard episode break bumpers.