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*sigh* Why the hell would Haruka lose in every Contest she entered? And ONCE AGAIN, the games stats have NO INFLUENCE on the anime. Did you not notice Dusclops wasn't the beefy tank it is in the games?

You guys keep forgetting that in Contest battles, beating the crap out of the opponent is NOT the only way to win. You have to use style while using the right attacks. Skitty used stylish, yet strategic attacks to counter Dusclops' attacks. Dusclops attacks simply just required it to stand perfectly still and just fire off its attacks. Notice how its Hyper Beams and Focus Punches didn't drain much in points from Haruka. Plus she even countered a Focus Punch by having Skitty smack it with its tail.

Get over it, guys. This isn't the games where you can throw your statistics into it. We've seen a small Pokémon trash a much larger one PLENTY of times. I simply cannot understand how in the world an episode like this is so much worse than some others to you guys. e_e
Thank you for not answering one single thing in my post while "replying" to it, that is real helpful. Yeah, Pikachu has crushed bigger opponents before, as have ones attacking TR, but that was it before this. This episode was sickenly cheap and terrible. And until you give me a contradiction to one of my reasons, I will assume you secretly agree with me .