I think some people's comments and disappointements should be seen from the perspective that many have higher expectations for a Contest episode than a normal episode, and also that many were more let down by this episode because they liked the first part of the two parter so much.

The note about Focus Punch being ranged this time and thus not doing as much damage is a good one, especially since Focus Punch in general in the anime is quite a bit less powerful than in the games (since in the anime it works regardless of being hit or not at the end of the turn).

The problem with the super Skitty theory is that aside from this episode I don't recall Skitty ever doing anything to indicate it was a whole lot stronger than most Skitty with its experience level (having read spoilers for most episodes after this included), nor has anyone remarked on it being unusually powerful. It's certainly not Pikachu-level "special."

Anyway, I say unless there are new points to add we should all nurse our wounds, wait for the next episode and agree to disagree. No one's saying the episode had no good points after all, more that some were more bothered than others by certain aspects of it. Perhaps Drew's final remark settles things best. ^_^

Drew: "Well, just goes to show luck plays a part in any battle."