Rewatching this episode was something...special. Hilarious, yes but I still wanted to whack the crazy fans over the head with something heavy. Although the crazy lady gave the win to May, Ash really showed his stuff in his episode by defeating legions of trainers with the same pokemon over and over- seriously, although it was a bad situation for him, you can't deny he was all sorts of awesome. The fact that he still hand Taillow fresh for battling was even more awesome, showing that he had been slaughtering trainer after trainer with only four pokemon and those pokemon didn't even get hurt during the battles, just worn out.

A pity it was never acknowledged but hey, awesome nevertheless. Kanto!Ash--hell, Johto!Ash wouldn't have been able to have done that without snapping in a fit of anger or allowing his head to be messed up during the battle due to the taunts of the crowds.

A little surprised and disappointed the whole incident was brushed off though- I can understand Ash, since he's all cheerful and forgiving like that but when they walked away with May saying nothing and Max not even prodding her to apologise was a bit of a downer. Oh well, an amusing episode either way.