Well, I was concerned that 4Kids was really going to dumb down this mature, sophisticated, verges-on-the-point-of-something-I'd-write story premise. Much to my surprise, they didn't screw it up too much. I think even someone who hadn't seen the Japanese version in advance would still be able to tell that Kenny suspected Norman of cheating on Caroline. Still, it seems kind of paranoid of 4Kids to edit the scene where Norman blushes.

Other dub gripes include the script and acting. Some of the lines - and their delivery - were golden ("Do I have to draw you a map?" "Sure, if you think that'd help") while other scenes felt like they really needed an American rewrite (the "Dumb, Dumber, and Dumber-er" discussion, for instance). But one thing that pleased me - Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking all sound almost identical to their Japanese equivalents. Nice to see 4Kids actually try to match voices on occasion.

So yeah, an interesting angle to take. What I like about the "Advance Generation" episodes is that they take existing characters from the video games and try to see how they can mix them up with the personalities they're given. The whole "potential affair" angle here was a nice spin on Norman and Caroline, and a good way to showcase both characters effectively. I look forward to seeing the next episode - well, I've seen the Japanese version, but I look forward to critiquing the dub, anyway (there's already one scene in "Balance of Power" that I know 4Kids destroyed without even having seen it).