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Thread: Love, Petalburg Style! (345)

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    I was almost fooled into thinking that an affair was really happening, but I'm glad things worked out during the fireworks scene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillachu View Post
    It seemed too mature this show, though.
    I thought that too in the beginning cuz the anime doesn't usually focus on marital issues, but since there ultimately wasn't an affair at all going on between Norman and Joy, it seemed harmless enough. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caseydia View Post
    I don't understand the reason for this episode. All they had to do was show May and Max coming home, see both of their parents and get the gym battle started already. They didn't need to show useless misunderstandings about nothing from which Caroline should have just asked her husband what was going on. This is why people break up over stupid things.
    It was a filler, that's all. Besides, this one was funny because affairs aren't usually implied on the show. It's better than a typical COTD plot.

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