I liked this episode, it was funny. I like episodes where people act stupid like Ash losing his badges again. In a way, I could of sworn I seen something similiar, I don't remember, but how Whiscash taunting Ash, reminded something I seen. Its not MOby Dick story.

I love all the different expressions used in this episode, all the panicking, faliure, happy, sad, laughing, mad, so many feelings! I like Flaffy, the aminators made it cute and fierce which to me was surprising. Then the Master Ball gettin' eatin' by Nero. That was funny. Jesse hair gettin' eaten by a Feebas was funny too.

Sullivan was a great side character. I like when AMM&B called Sullivan legend. Made me laugh, and how Max put him down.

Overall, good episode, voices was actually fantastic for once, like Sullivan voice, and Ash's voice was aggressive in this one which me like! Plus all the others!

I rate this 8.9 out of 10! Great filler!