Very interesting..

Well I liked not seeing Max, May and Brock. But that Baltoy song was kind of annoying after a while.

Alot of Johto pokemon appearing recently Remoraid, Flaffy, Xatu, Sunflora, Belosoom ect.

Who looked at Xatus face when it used relect a second time. I couldn't stop laughing, I still am.

I didn't except Callista was Callista fromt he future. But Baltoy had a sweet voice, one of the better dub voices.

Team Rocket didn't have much of an appearence in this episode did they? but more than May, Brock and Max. It was also funny when Xatu was pecking Cacnea and there were just standing there.

lol, a very different kind of filler episode. But an Ash only episode was a nice change. 10/10