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    Quote Originally Posted by Brinstar
    I miss its powerful, manly, gruff middle-aged japanese pedophile sounding voice XD.

    Also, this is NOT the old Swellow's voice. Well, if it's the same person, the sound is different and much better anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Elric
    Apparently Swellow has to sound like Taillow. Wonderful how 4Kids seems to not realize that Oosubame's deep voice was supposed to symbolize that a small bird grew up into a bigger bird, like child to adult. :| If anyone wants a voice sample of Oosubame to compare to Swellow, lemme know.
    Oh Shut up. It deepened. It still sounded like a bird. What more do you want?

    For a guy who has a big problem with the way the English Ludicolo sounds, you seem to adore the equally as gruff Japanese Swellow voice.
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