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    Cool episode today. I was about 30 seconds or so late in watching it, too. Strange how they started a bit early.

    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Elric
    Apparently Swellow has to sound like Taillow. Wonderful how 4Kids seems to not realize that Oosubame's deep voice was supposed to symbolize that a small bird grew up into a bigger bird, like child to adult. :|
    What are you talking about? The only difference with Swellow's voice as opposed to Taillow's is that it was deeper, which is good. It may have sounded quite a bit like Grovyle, which isn't good (although I like Grovyle's voice), but Swellow's dub voice was fine.

    Nice to see that James actually made it to the finals, even beating the new character of the day. And his "conversation" with Meowth by way of flag-language was hilarious. Then, Meowth took James' part in reciting the motto, just like he took Jessie's in an earlier Advanced Challenge episode.

    When I saw that irregulary-colored Golbat, I thought there were suddenly two Crobat in that net, but later there were two Golbat and one Crobat. XD

    I'll rate this episode 8/10.
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