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    This episode was just awesome! Probably one of the best. I love Combusken ^_^ it's so cool.

    The battle between Combusken and Breloom was good when they didn't use any attacks and it was nice that it ended on a good note were they commented on eachother's battle skills.

    I loved it when Torchic and Torkoal were fighting in the forest, Torchic using Ember, Corphish using Bubblebeam and when everyone returned their Pokemon, except for lil Mudkip ^___^
    We actually saw it do something in this episode! I will treasure the Mudkip experience forever...

    What was with the pronunciation of Mach Punch? I'm sure it was said wrong, they pronounced it "Mac Punch", should it not be said as Mach Punch?

    Overall 9.5/10
    Excellent episode, Combusken!


    Here is another version of Fire Spin:

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