I knew I forget somthing last Sunday, review this epsiode!!!!

*Brody's voice was nice. Alot like Johnson's voice from Yu-gi-oh, that suited him.
*Well I was about to got o sleep until Ash shouted "Go Torkoal" I suddenly woke up and fell off the sofa with suprise. lol. So yeah Torkoal always good.
*Me aswell never knew Milly was a fake and then the real Milly came nice twist.
*Bart and real Milly have a nice couple thing going.
*Seeing a Ditto was good and Castform had a ncie voice.
*Also Team Aqua and Magma are cool.

Not much actually well Crawdaunt are getting old with Team Aqua.
Ok "Key-ro-ger" and "Gru-don" sound wierd, thats nto how there meant to be said right?
Oh last thing Dexette wierd.