I remember wanting to see this one so badly because the commercials made it look so awesome, but in reality, I barely even remember the events that took place. I remember Ash admiring the Feather Badge he won off of Winona in the previous episode and then seeing Ash and Co. meet up with the man and his Camerupt as they tried to get through the river. They were helping them get across and Torkoal was involved in the pushing. I thought that was weird since Fire types shouldn't be in the water (I'm talking about both Camerupt and Torkoal).

Meowth's boss fantasy had something to do with movies being shown for Giovanni's comfort, but James wasn't very convinced by Meowth's newest scheme. Team Rocket attacks them but they're blown away as always and Ash and the team decide to camp out for the night. I liked that we saw scenes from an earlier film Ash and Gary had seen back in Pallet Town. It featured Red from a manga and his talking Clefairy. I can't believe Ash found it funny lol. Then the Machoke Wild West parody film, Max and May and the Godzilla parody, and the Natu/Xatu Titanic parody.

So many movies were featured in the anime, I didn't think they had movie theatres and such in the Pokemon regions. Finally Ash and Co. arrived at the place of the next movie screening and just as the movie with Minun and Plusle was getting good, Team Rocket interferes as always. While Ash and the others went on and fought, it was hilarious to see Brock and Lombre doing there Latin dancing routine again. At least things ended with a laugh or two, pretty good Filler. 5/10