I liked the argument, too. Except it got old fast near the end of it.

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It's strange... the PMC's Dexter sounded as if it was fed sugar so to make it hyper, making it talklikethis. O_o;
Actually, I remember it sounding exactly like the way it sounded in today's episode back in Johto. It was a good feeling to hear, nostalgically.

Okay, nice to finally see another new episode. If I'm not mistaken, that was a dub voice they gave Lunatone? If it was, that's kind of disappointing; they let Solrock keep its interesting Japanese voice. :/

Nice to see the PMC again. Apparently the female half of the group had a voice change (maybe because her last VA was Megan Hollingshead?).

There's something I didn't quite get. What happened to all the townspeople? Did Lunatone hide them somewhere, or what?

Lol, Camerupt Point. Nice that they added that landmark in the episode, although it wasn't in the games.

I'll rate this episode 7/10. Okay filler, really.