This was my favorite Hoenn episode! Mainly because Kelly acted almost EXACTLY like my friend Emily. I think she even glomped someone like Kelly did May once.

That pose when Ash ate the nomel(sp?) berry was hilarious. He looked like he had to go to the bathroom. lol. I couldn't help but remember the good ol' days of Warheads candy. lol

Kelly's mom appeared in the episode when they arrived in North Petalburg also. She was the one who told the town May and Max were back.

I loved the whole Jessebelle thing. I guess he forgot that she looked just like Jessie. I would want to forget such a violent person as well... It accually took me a minute to remember her, and once I did I almost fell out of my chair. lol

I wish the berry blender was a game type thing like on the games. It would be funny if they were all playing and May would get fed up with how fast it was going and would try to break it. We all know Ash would. lol

When May pulled Max's ear and Brock reacted instead was hilarious. "I guess I was feeling his pain..."

Okay, now for Kelly. She wasn't afraid of telling that salesman off and then yelling to everyone in the market not to buy anything from him. Imagine the Magikarp salesman trying to sell her something. lol. Then the line that reminded me of Emily: "You better watch where I'm going, 'cause I'm sure not!" XD And then she tripped anyway. lol. And the song she sung while she was making pokeblocks was funny and sorta cute. lol.

You guys took that glomping thing way out of porportion. Some girls their age (they're only about 10-11) do that to get information out of friends, like she was doing. And like someone else said, teenage girls always hug, like, if something good or bad happens. I try to avoid people doing that to me, though. lol. It freaks me out...

Oh, I also liked Kelly 'cause she had purple hair AND purple converse! XD Me loves converse! lol. No, I'm not some psycho poser punk! ...Anymore! lol *is hyper*