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I couldn't think of a better thread to bring this up in, and it seemed to silly to make another thread for it, but I find it an odd inconsistency with the show that there doesn't seem to be a fixed rule about using objects in the appeal portion. Surely the Pokemon should solely be demonstrating its own powers? Or if objects are allowed, shouldn't it be a requirement? It seems trainers who use objects have an unfair advantage.
I think the objects have been allowed, May had Skitty juggling balls in an earlier appeal. Not to mention in that very first Contest they had a Venemoth pouring tea into a cup or stuff like that.

I guess either by showing off a Pokemon or doing a skill with it counted as a decent appeal.

Also, Bulba the Great, feels kind of odd rewatching these episodes now that you're older, isn't it? You have the memories from when you were younger but you see them in a different light now that you've aged so many years since you last watched them.