Title Screen: HAH HAH HAH! You can't digitally paint CGI animation 4Kids, you can't turn the badge case pokeball into a rectangle. HAH! Hopefully this means they won't edit the badge case in future episodes but like what Dogasu says, it is good to be consistent.

Epidose: Very decent. Meowths boss dream actually made sense until Spoink came into it. I loved how Torkoal jumped into the water even though it couldn't swim. Trainers Choice had a nice revamp even though this is prone for more mistakes (Which is weak to Thunder? Grovyle, Gligar or Geodude? The answer is Gligar.) I was actually suprised they kept the TC considering Kids WB putting in "Who's That Pokemon?" After the intro. Its times like this that make me feel like Ash is a total moron, Spoink loved Ash, Ash loved Spoink and he didn't even think for a nanosecond about capturing it. It would have been fun, Torkoal would have enjoyed it so much and Ash would have his very first Psychic type. Of course this wasn't what the writers had in mind so we just have to wait for     Spoiler:
to come around.