Well, seeing as I favor Team Aqua, I was quite glad to see that they dominated Team Magma in each episode. And Groudon got, like... fifteen minutes of action at the end? Kyogre was destroying everything everywhere it went in the whole two-parter. ^^

And it was strange how Groudon was suddenly a good guy. Pfft. It should have been in some sort of a rage, trying to destroy everything, like Kyogre was. I guess it's 'cause Archie was sort of controlling Kyogre. Anyway, it was nice at the end.

BTW, did anybody else think it was strange/cool how possessed Pikachu made this sort of a skydive for Groudon? Then it was on Groudon like some sort of a king, lol. Pikachu beats the best, and it beasts all the rest. I'm gonna use that quote in my signature someday.