Whoo, gym battle episode.

Team Rocket sang to the tune of the music. Cool. And I liked the Meowth fantasy. No entertainment beats watching chibi Giovanni dance in his debonair blue suit. And that machine was awesome, even though it had that one flaw that cost them the steal.

Do Tate & Liza fight in their battles all the time? I don't see how the one time they argued with eachother had to be when Ash arrived.

My main complaint is that Tate & Liza weren't psychic. Seriously, that would have made a VERY interesting battle. They'd know exactly what eachother was thinking, complete eachother's sentences, just like in the games. They could have even added a mindreading of Ash's thoughts as icing on the cake. But no, they had to take the whole deal out...

Wait, I have one more semi-complaint:

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The Pikachu/Swellow powerup with electric armor was definitely not a cop out like some people were whining when this episode aired in Japan, it was a very cool twist and something that is entirely plausible.
Meh... it was new and interesting, I'll give you that. But it I have to say, it was somewhat a cheap way of getting Ash to win. It wasn't quite as plausible as it should have been. I mean come on, Golden Armor of Thunder? How is electricity going to serve as armor? Sounds kinda meh-ish to me.

But I admit, Pikachu and Swellow looked cool with the armor on, and Swellow diving through the air with the electricity flowing a bit behind it was amazing.

This episode deserves a... *sighs* I guess I guess I'll start lightening up and give this an 8/10, too. O_o