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Thread: A Family That Battles Together, Stays Together! (005)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShucklemasterJ
    Sadly I missed it because I was at my grandparent's

    good old sky+ dont fail me now!
    LOL! If it's like my Sky+ You're DOOMED.. it keeps removing Cronicals for me if you set it before midnight the night before it's ment to be on :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpshooter
    Oh dear Flint's voice has changed, it's almost as bad as Eugene's now with it being completely toffed up and everything. His old voice back in "Showdown in Pewter City" was definitely better, I hate to complain but it was extremely off-putting.

    Asides from that the episode was good, full of silly pranks and good humor. Seeing Brock get upset was funny, since his mom wanted a girly water gym, with girly decorations everywhere, but thankfully Brock won the battle against his mom and restored some pride in the gym.

    It appears Forest is as almost as bad as Brock is when it comes to women (they start early then), with him apparantly having a crush on all the girls in his class lmao.
    with like 300 of dubbed eps between this and last time we saw him, did you SERIOUSLY Expect his voice to be the same?
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