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Thread: Showdown at the Oak Corral (008)

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    For me, this is one of the best specials out there. We got to see how Ash's Oak-based reserves work as a team and lead the other Pokémons there. I hope there will be another special similar to this after XY series but with a bigger threat. It would be nice to see his best Pokémons (w/o Pikachu) fight together.

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    Yay we go to see Ash's pokemon at Oak's place as well as that goofy Magikarp salesman. Butch and Cassidy's Golem and Nidoqueen disguises were funny and I liked seeing Tracy's Scyther again. ^^

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    Well we got to see Ash's neglected Pokemon do something for once, but Cassidy and Butch seemed far more irritating than usual...

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    This was a cool episode, I liked seeing Ash's pokemom and it was funny that the Magikarp salesman made his way to Pallet Town.

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