You have to admire this episode for its pure stupidity, who couldn't laugh at Professer Oak the whole time? The whole group was pratically laughing at him! And oh yeah Butch's reactions were funny too when they f*cked up his name again like usual.

So his Tailow is now called "Rose" and there is a mentioning of Richie training an Eevee at present, but unbelievabley it's not mentioned in the Japanese version, so why did they do that? Maybe the writers will save them from embarresment give him an Eevee so it stops us moaning at them or something.

Tracey and Richie sounded the same as they always do, so no muckups from a the voice actors point of view.

So overall really great episode! Both the battling and humor, and perhaps seeing Professor Oak get owned a few times (hair getting set on fire etc lolololol!).

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