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    Default ~The Pokémon Awards V4.0~

    Welcome To

    V 4.0

    (Made By Sinnohdragon)

    Owner: Master Blastoise
    Co-Owner 1: Sinnohdragon
    Co-Owner 2: Kyogre35
    Co-Owner 3: ~Shadow Espeon~
    Co-Owner 4: Pikasaur
    Tallyist 1: growlithe master

    1 ~ Obey the main site rules and the face-off section rules.(Will be reported)
    2 ~ If you disobey the rules/Double Post (Will let some go by)/Spam than you will receive a warning.
    3 ~ 2 warnings and then you are banned from the thread.
    4 ~ Don't vote for/nominate a pokemon that isn't even in the match-up/when we aren’t nominating.
    5 ~ Don't tally if you aren't an owner/co-owner or tally.
    6 ~ Wait an hour before voting again.
    7 ~ Don’t edit your post to vote again or change your vote.
    8 ~ The way a co-owner says to vote is final.(except when I say to vote a different way) Don’t change it. Follow the posted method.
    9 ~ When you nominate for a round for which we can't use the normal sprites, you must provide us with a link to what your nomination is. If you can't find it neither can we. (You will be told so)
    10 ~(The most important one) Have Fun...



    Styles of Voting:

    1: Hurt/Heal:
    This is just a 2x Hurt and 2x Heal Round. All contestants start with a fixed amount of HP and all the players vote based on the ones they like best.

    2: Hurt and Heal; 1 and 3:
    And so I have a new way of voting....just a revamp of Hurt Heal....every Pokemon starts with 30 HP, and first one to 60 move on and first's ones to 0 get eliminated, here's an Example:

    3x Hurt Sudowoodo
    1x Hurt Mightenya
    1x Heal Meganium
    3x Heal Swampert

    Get the picture??

    3: Regular voting:
    Just vote for you fav....first to, usually, 20 wins. Basic.

    4: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, etc.:
    So I'm pretty sure this was here...anyway you vote for EVERY Contestant like this:

    Like that...will use occasionally but not often.

    5: 1, 5, and 10:
    Just saw this in the Face-off Glossary so it seems cool.

    So you vote like this example:
    1x Heal-
    1x Hurt-
    5x Heal-
    5x Hurt-
    10x Heal-
    10x Hurt-

    That's about it....the Starting HP is 75.

    6: Traitor:

    The pokémon are divided into groups on which you will vote. Now the interesting part. The pokémon will switch groups every now and again!

    First group to a certain amount of points will advance.(Usually followed by a face-off of the pokémon of the other group of which one will also advance)

    7: Face-off in the Face-off:
    This is where you put two Pokemon up against each other and see who wins and that Pokemon moves on, usually with this format there are at least 6 Pokemon so 3 Face-offs, and so three will move on.

    We’re always happy to try out new styles. If you’ve thought up a new style don’t hesitate to PM it to me.

    Now to the Awards!

    ~The Categories~

    Pokemon Awards

    Best Pokemon:

    Worst Pokemon:

    Runner Up - Unown

    Best Legendary:

    Runner Up - Moltres

    Best Non-Legendary:

    Best Looking Pokemon:

    Runner Up - Shiny Rayquaza

    Strongest Pokemon:

    Weakest Pokemon:

    Runner Up - Sunkern

    Most Overrated Pokemon:

    Runner Up - Milotic

    Most Underrated Pokemon:

    Runner up - Vaporeon

    Most NU Pokemon:

    Runner Up - Delibird

    Most Beautiful Pokemon:

    Most Graceful Pokemon:

    Runner up: Glaceon

    Ugliest Pokemon:

    Weirdest Pokemon:

    Runner Up - Xatu and Sudowoodo

    Smartest Pokemon:

    Dumbest Pokemon:

    Runner Up - Jynx

    Coolest Pokemon:

    Toughest Pokemon:

    Cutest Pokemon:

    Runner Up - Shaymin (Land Forme)

    Scariest Pokemon:

    Runner Up - Gliscor

    Best 1st gen:

    Best 2nd gen:

    Best 3rd gen:

    Best 4th gen:

    Runner Up - Froslass

    Best Bug Type:

    Runner Up - Scyther

    Best Dark Type:

    Best Dragon Type:

    Runner Up - Kingdra

    Best Electric Type:

    Best Fighting Type:

    Runner Up - Heracross

    Best Fire Type:

    Best Flying Type

    Best Ghost Type:

    Runner Up - Rotom

    Best Grass Type:

    Runner Up - Leafeon

    Best Ground Type:

    Best Ice Type:

    Runner Up - Froslass

    Best Normal Type:

    Best Poison Type:

    Best Psychic Type:

    Best Rock Type:

    Best Steel Type:

    Runner Up - Empoleon

    Best Water Type:

    Sprite Awards

    Best Sprite:

    Runner up - Darkrai Pt

    Best Shiny Sprite:

    Best R/Y/B Sprite:

    Best G/S/C Sprite:

    Runner up - Cleffa from Silver and Seadra from Gold

    Best Fr/Lg Sprite:

    Best R/S Sprite:

    Runner Up - Feraligatr

    Best Em Sprite:

    Best Collo/XD Sprite:

    Best D/P Sprite:

    Best Back Sprite:

    Best Sugimori Art:

    Runner Up - Ivysaur

    Best Icon:

    Runner Up - Umbreon

    Anime Awards

    Best Season:

    Best Episode:

    Best Character:

    Best Minor Character:

    Runner up - Magikarp Salesman

    Best Pokemon:

    Best Minor Pokemon:

    Game Awards

    Best Game:

    Worst Game:

    Runner up - Pokemon Dash

    Best 1st Gen. Game:

    Best 2nd Gen. Game:

    Best 3rd Gen. Game:

    Best 4th Gen. Game:

    Best GameBoy Game:

    Best DS Game:

    Best GameCube Game:

    Runner up - Colosseum

    Best Wii Game:

    Best 2D Game:

    Best 3D Game:

    Leader Awards

    Best Leader:

    Worst Leader:

    Best Gym Leader:

    Best Elite Four Member/Champion:

    Runner Up - Lance

    Best Frontier Brain:

    Runner Up - Anabel

    Best 1st Gen. Gym Leader:

    Best 2nd Gen. Gym Leader:

    Best 3rd Gen. Gym Leader:

    Best 4th Gen. Gym Leader:

    Best Elite Four:

    Badge Awards

    Best Badge:

    Worst Badge:

    Runner up – Plain Badge

    Best Frontier Symbol:

    Best 1st Gen Badge:

    Best 2nd Gen Badge:

    Best 3rd Gen Badge

    Best 4th Gen Badge

    Runner Up - Relic Badge

    Attack Awards

    Best Attack:

    Worst Attack:

    Best Physical Attack:

    Best Special Attack:

    Best Non-Direct Attack:

    Best Bug Type Attack:

    Best Dark Type Attack:

    Best Dragon Type Attack:

    Best Electric Type Attack:

    Best Fighting Type Attack:

    Best Fire Type Attack:

    Best Flying Type Attack:

    Best Ghost Type Attack:

    Runner up - Shadow Force

    Best Grass Type Attack:

    Runner up - Leaf Blade

    Best Ground Type Attack:

    Best Ice Type Attack:

    Runner Up - Blizzard

    Best Normal Type Attack:

    Best Poison Type Attack:

    Best Psychic Type Attack:

    Best Rock Type Attack:

    Best Steel Type Attack:

    Best Water Type Attack:

    Ability Awards

    Best Ability:

    Runner Up - Levitate

    Worst Ability:

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